Introduction To Ultimate Tag Warrior | Lorelle

Lorelle has posted a great introduction to Ultimate Tag Warrior. She covers almost all the basics on what makes UTW my favorite plugin.

She has also been reporting on feed stats. Now whilst I don’t want to be accused at looking at her “details” again, if you add her subscribers to her Feedburner subscribers then her total is approximately 2500 subscribers. I am sure she also gains a lot more readers through various other interfaces on who don’t use a feed reader.

Branding & Name Recognition

Matt Mullenweg is well known for being the “#1 Matt” in the search results, and can tell people “Just search for Matt” in Google to find his blog.

Lorelle is now in the same situation, actually she is doing better than Matt. Lorelle now own the first 4 results in Google for “Lorelle”

There is less competition for Lorelle than Matt, but it is still quite an interesting legacy.

Hmm, there are less pages in Google with “Andy” than “Matt”… I suppose anything is possible.

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  1. says

    Too funny! You’re trying to start something here, aren’t you? ;-)

    BTW: The comments policy thing is interesting, though painful to use. How about a link back to the last page visited with a refreshed page view so only those who understood what I just wrote could leave a comment. :D

  2. says

    Hi Lorelle

    I will be adding a link back to the referring page, but deciding on the best way to do it – probably just use HTTP referrer on that page

    This blog is one of those “work in progress” things, , and if I change things bit by bit, I can measure the results.

    p.s. you forgot to do a tutorial on how to create your internal tags page – I might do one if you have something else planned, it is quite confusing in Cristine’s instructions.

  3. says


    Last I looked links to me cover the first two pages of results in Google, bar one or two links to other people.

    Of course, that’s on my full name which is pretty non-competitive :)


  4. says

    You have 6th based on just forename so you are almost there.

    Your spelling of Alister is less common than Alistair, so give it a few more months and you are there.