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One of the few newsletters I subscribe to and always read as soon as it hits my mailbox is Allan Gardyne’s. I have always loved the way he presents products pre-selling them, but he does it very honestly and I don’t think in the near 2 years I have bee a subscriber to his list that I have seen him promote a duff product. There have been products I couldn’t afford, or weren’t what I was looking for at that particular time.
Today I received an email with 2 useful resources for those that purchased Day Job Killer, the first is an exclusive article from Chris the author with some useful tips, and the second information on a product to automate bonuses.

Why am I linking through to someone else promoting a product?

  • Allan has used the software and give far more depth to the product than I could
  • You can learn a lot from reading his newsletter even if you don’t buy anything
  • He is one of the few internet marketers who practices what he preaches. The newsletter also confirms what I have been saying regarding the Clickbank rules for bonuses. is a great resource to nose around and I used to spend a fair amount of time on the forums. I also have a few products listed in their affiliate directory… as an affiliate ;) – that is quite within their rules and is great for 2-tier programs

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  1. says

    Alain has a great deal of experience in affiliate marketing. He was one of my first affiliates 10 years ago when I started selling affiliate software. He was the first person I had ever sent an affiliate commission. I met him on i-sales digest :)