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ReviewMe, the pay for review service initially stated that they were going to be updating site information on a monthly basis. As many people might have noticed they didn’t quite manage that, in fact it has been over 2 months since my first, and only review for them, of Aaron’s Search Engine Glossary. (I still have to make an affiliate site from his content).

When the service launched, this blog was less than one month old, so whilst I had already gained a reasonable number of subscribers, and for a new blog, reasonable traffic, I didn’t benefit from the attention the service was receiving.

This is how my ReviewMe profile looked up until possibly just a few days ago:-
Reviewme Rating

I didn’t receive an update email, but I did notice something in my referral stats that someone was “checking me out”, so I popped onto ReviewMe to see what was happening.

My stats have now been finally updated:-

ReviewMe current

It certainly looks like a much more credible site to perform a product review, which might be why someone was checking me out. Combined with the 50% discount ReviewMe are currently offering (coupon code: trial) then it might be an offer too good to refuse.

I am actually quite happy to review stuff for free, or if someone wants me to run my eye over their blog and offer some kind of critique, I am more than happy to do it. I am not a professional SEO. If I can drop in an affiliate links for something, even better :)

I certainly won’t review or link to risky products, and if I am asked to review something, it is going to be published whether positive or negative irrespective of whether I will get paid for it.

I Hate Snapshot Ratings

Don’t you hate stats that are an inaccurate snapshot. They don’t portray the potential growth or decline of a site.

Since the snapshot was taken I am mow close to 13k in Technorati and my 1 week Alexa was 20k.

RSS subscribers is hard to measure now. This site tends to attract newer users to RSS and blogging, and thus Google Reader and Email are the primary method of subscribing. We might even see bloglines subscriptions declining in the near future – it seems their site traffic has fallen more than 20% in the last 6 weeks.

Set Your Own Price – Massive Shock

I just popped by the ReviewMe blog to grab a graphic, and I noticed a new announcement.

You can now set your own price for reviews. This is a very good feature, because that allows you to take into consideration blog growth. I must have been very close to the $150 bracket as it was, and honestly expect to be below 10K Technorati and solidify my below 20k Alexa in the next week. I also should hit 550-600 subscibers in that time.

It gets even better, you can even manually tell ReviewMe to update your ranking

Update Ranking

The fun thing about Technorati is that the data is based on 6 month stats, and this blog only went live 17th October.

Of course that heavily depends on how many people are going to go dropping their subscriptions because they didn’t read my widely promoted disclosure policy.

I feel I am an honest guy, I tell things straight, and if people want to pay me for reviews I would most likely do for free because it is on topic, and they just asked, I am not going to throw the money away.

However I strongly believe my reviews and time are actually worth more than ReviewMe currently are willing to pay me by default.

I don’t intend to use text-link-ads on this site, I much prefer links in the body of the content, in exactly the same way I much prefer people to link to me from a post occasionally than add me to their blogroll. There is also another reason, they have an “exclusivity clause” for text based advertising. It doesn’t affect ReviewMe, but it would affect other text links – possibly they don’t enforce it, but this is the year of freedom – Google have relaxed on what is allowed, maybe Andy will relax the terms for TLA as well.

Well anyway here is the TLA link value calculator – just see what links in my content should be worth… per month, not lifetime, and that is without any work in reviewing.

I should also state that at least 6 splogs also pick up most of my content, with all the links live. No they are not mine, and I am not going to hunt them down, as they are actually giving me better than full attribution. I doubt my paid reviews will end up on WebProNews, they would have to make an editorial decision as to whether they added value to their site.
With the various archive pages and tag pages here, any review ends up being links from 10 pages, of semi duplicate content, much of it LSI linked.

At the beginning of March I will be raising the price to $150, of which I will receive $75, and I will probably raise it again at the beginning of April.

Currently you can get a review, after the 50% discount for $50 – or free if you have something highly relevant, are a regular reader / commenter, or just if you ask nicely and are a worthy cause, or an embarrassing victim.

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  1. Roberta Rosenberg, T says

    Hi Andy, I found your post very opportune! Interestingly enough, I wrote ReviewMe over the weekend asking how I could update my info since it was very, very old. I got an email back saying how they update every month. I replied with my latest Alexa and Technorati numbers and voila, I’m updated and so are you!

    Of course, I haven’t been asked to review anything since you were, but still … (BTW, it took me forever to figure out the comment thing. I guess that’s the whole point! :=)

  2. says

    I actually received that same email from them when I first queried updates a month or so ago, when I replied to it Andy Hagens replied in person though I was expecting the update on the first of the month… Andy didn’t however specify which month ;)

    This system is much better. I am sure some people will reduce their prices to get more reviews, though from what I have seen advertisers prefer the premium partners who can give them some traffic and possibly better link love.

    As to the comments system, it is new, maybe a little confusing because this is the only blog doing anything like this, but hopefully I can get it more streamlined, I don’t want to discourage real comments positive or negative.

  3. says

    I signed up for reviewme last week, more out of curioisity really. I got accepted too, thanks to a lot of link love from that 2000 bloggers thing. I think my current rate is something ridiculous, so yes that option to set your own price is good. Ive never been a fan of having my personal worth determined by others. I prefer the ‘I’ll work for X, pay me or find someone else’ mentality.

    Some might argue that the social metrics used to determine value are done so for the specific purpose of saying ‘hey, high pr/alexa/technorati rating, buy here and win’ so I guess its hardly surprising as a result to read Matt Cutts et al complaining that its remarkbly similar to a sophisticted kind of link pop manipulation scheme, aimed at rewarding high metric measurement sites for the SE value they bestow upon those reviewed.

  4. says

    MediaWhiz can’t get the stats correct in peoples accounts for shit. I DARE you to try hitting the manual update option on – I bet you your RSS numbers will go to zero stars instantly.

    Not impressed, and not doing business with them until they fix it for both their main services. It’s just not worth the trouble and they quickly email you saying it’s fixed when it’s not.

    The BUYER is getting the shaft with their stat collecting issues too.


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