Comprehensive Guide to Creating A Niche Website

Have You Heard of Duncan Carver?

Duncan Carver is one of those niche marketers who just disappears off on holiday for almost a year… because he can!

He is also famous for having created probably the best free link manager script

So Duncan is now back and proving that once you understand how to research a niche, and create a product to sell to that niche, the world really is your oyster.

In fact I bet he will probably go back on holiday in a few months having created a few more full-time income streams.

The Niche

Worm Farming… yes seriously, and it seems to be a hot niche

I am not going to link directly through to his niche site, because many might think that would influence results too much. Actually it wouldn’t because Duncan with his multiple web properties and his own link network has links pretty much sorted.

So far he has already covered:-

  • Project Introduction – a great introduction where Duncun demonstrates he is following a set business plan
  • Market Selection – this is a really good example of the niche market selection process. It isn’t hard to find real profitable niches, despite people thinking there is too much competition out there.
  • Link Building Campaign – A beginner isn’t going to have the funds or the existing network to use every method Duncan is using, but honestly, if he wasn’t making this new niche site public, and staying under the radar, he most likely wouldn’t need many links to get some good rankings.

This really is a step by step process, and will probably contain many tips that you won’t find in many ebooks, and if you followed this process in another niche you would be almost certain to achieve good results.

My only criticism so far… Duncan please use mod_rewrite for those permalinks

Whilst I have submitted Duncan’s blog to Digg, there is probably too much content for the average Digg user

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  1. says

    Man it took me for-friggin-ever to find this add a comment place.

    I guess I got caught up in reading your comments policy.

    Anyhoo, this is a good post for me, since I’ve decided to start a niche blog.

    Now I’ve just gotta decipher your techie speak.


  2. says

    Hi Andy,

    This looks like a particularly enjoyable learning experience in the making. I love this stuff. Thanks for pointing it out.

    I actually had a worm farm when I was a kid and make money selling worms to fishermen. It was great fun.

  3. says

    Sorry if you found it a little complicated, I have been trying to sort out some other things in the background and haven’t had time to make it easier.

    Fortunately you only need to read it once every 2 months… in fact just load the page, so it isn’t too obtrusive… for genuine visitors.

    Maybe you are killing cookies on your system, I am pretty sure I already had this implemented last time you commented here.

    Duncan’s guide is good. The thing about it is you can also use the same process just to research an affiliate or Adsense site.

    This isn’t the kind of project I would host on blogspot, because there is a lot of effort being invested, and you have a lot more flexibility on your own hosting account.

  4. says

    This is a really cool resource – I love the fact that Duncan is using the most basic WordPress template to publish his notes on how to take a site from nothing to $1,000/mo in 4 – 6 weeks.

    Thanks for posting this Andy!

  5. says

    Andy, I would love to read your step by step analysis of finding a profitable niche. Duncan’s post is awesome but we come on the blog to read you..any chance in future to hear your experience of how you decided upon to blog o this niche?