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ReviewMe have just launched their affiliate program, I am actually in 2 minds about it but will be displaying the badge in a prominent position for a few weeks in my header to see how things go.

It pays out $25 (at least to me) for a first review, I am not sure about other sites. Their is no recurring income, and no benefit for signing up other bloggers.

ReviewMe as a service are (as standard) taking a 50% cut for all reviews, so in theory there is some margin to pay some kind of recurring income both on advertising spend and reviews made by a blogger.

I am a big fan of recurring commissions for affiliate products rather than one-off payments, especially if the service is good and has some stickiness.


As I recently mentioned when ReviewMe allowed me to adjust my pricing, I am quite willing to write reviews for free for regular readers – for details take a look at my previous ReviewMe overview.


Another service similar to ReviewMe is just around the corner, Sponsored Reviews by the same guys as Text Link Brokers.
My biggest concern with all of these text link and review programs isn’t how much I get paid, but their terms of service. No matter how much people rave about text link ads, I would never agree to their terms of service.

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  1. says

    Yeah, I just added that new badge to my blog too.

    We’ll see what happens.

    I’m lovin’ ReviewMe right now. I got a review in to them under the wire yesterday and got paid today for it, the beginning of the month.

    They’re great.