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Visitors to the front page of my blog will now see a spicypage widget – yes that seems to be correct capitalization and yes the widget is a little ugly… or maybe we should just say unique.

I have actually been a member for a few weeks but didn’t get around to adding the widget. I was interested to see how well it worked just adding a site and not taking part in the community.

I first saw spicypage on Jack Humphrey’s Friday Traffic Report, and he seemed to like it. I have noticed recently that Jack has removed the widget, so maybe the results he was achieving slowed down, or he had managed to achieve critical mass, and active promotion was no longer necessary.

Widgets & Community

I think most detractors of MyBlogLog are people who didn’t attempt to get involved with the community, and spend time getting to know other bloggers.
Unfortunately unless you are an A List blogger, with eager readers jumping at the chance to join your new community, it won’t build on auto-pilot.

Critical Mass

Once you have a small amount of popularity, it can snowball. With Digg you just need to be “made popular” to gain some significant traffic that can become a tidal wave.
With widget based social networks, once you have achieved a prominent position, whilst you will never see a tidal wave of traffic, the growth can become self sustaining.

Early Adoption

Popular blogs don’t need to be early adopters. They can quite happily sit on the sidelines and if a service takes off, they can most likely join a little later and catch up.
Smaller blogs can benefit greatly from early adoption if they spend the time to promote themselves ethically within the community.

So Why The Hell Did I Add spicypage?

I want more votes than Jack ;)

Seriously I can’t see anything wrong with the site other than that they haven’t achieved critical mass, and sites don’t achieve critical mass if noone uses them. Their traffic seems to be falling rapidly.
One problem is that they seem to be more of a bookmarking site than a social network, and to be honest the widget isn’t very attractive, or configurable.

Anyway the widget will stay for a suitable test period, 1 month – lets call this giving them a carrot. I will be doing some reciprocal voting with my readers.

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  1. says

    I’ve been having fun with SpicyPage. It looks like their widgit toolbar is down right now but that hasn’t stopped me from picking up 11 votes.