Do You Stumble?

I have been using StumbleUpon a fair amount over the last couple of months, usually at the end of a day when I just want to wind down or gather ideas for site designs.

I have read lots of guides on how to use StumbleUpon, but Maki has probably just written the Ultimate StubleUpon Guide.

I love receiving visitors from StumbleUpon, and it can come very unexpectedly.

If anyone wants to expand their StumbleUpon network, here is my profile.

You can also find me on Digg, Reddit and Netscape, though the latter 2 sites I am a fairly new user.

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    I have yet to stumble but have been stumbled. Thanks for pointing out a decent guide to stumbling. I had downloaded all the necessary firefox add-ons and have yet to stumble. I’ll stumble you first ;)

    Andy, honestly i have been learning lots from you. Thank you. Tonight I’m seeing if i can get my cocomments registered with Technorati as a blog. Couldn’t a little while ago and can tonight. Will be following your directions. I am glad our cocomments plight worked out fine.


    PS- thank you for removing the “JOIN mybloglog” stars from the top of your blog. Do you want some input like that? I can email you when something is hard on the eyes.

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    I stumble and I am very aware of the traffic that SU can send a quality website or webpage.

    So far the most visitors that SU has sent in one day to a single webpage on my site is 4k.

    I’m adding you as a valued SU friend right now.

    Here’s my SU page: nukemdomis

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    I use stumbleupon and also advertise with them. Its a great time waister and I would think they would be a target for takeovers eventually (this may have already happened as I dont know).

    Im curious what you think about stumbleupon using the nofollow attribute. I would think that these links would be valuable to Google to identify relevant and popular sites. However there is a need to keep spammers thinking the nofollow was in place.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Google has some sort of agreement with them and actually use these links in their algorithm (I have not seen any reason to believe this) or just reverse the nofollow on their end on sites like this without us knowing about it. I think that would be easy to do on their end and we would not have any clue the nofollow was revered, people would believe the nofollow was in place keeping spammers away.

    Sorry for the mess of a comment, I was just writing as I was thinking and thats probably not the best idea.

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      It is hard to convert SU traffic for sites that don’t have a casual “cool” factor.

      As for SEO, I don’t worry about it too much with SU, because they are not encouraging links to them based upon specific keywords.
      I do try to ensure that any submit buttons are nofollowed.

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    I Stumble as well – use it way more than Digg, Reddit and the others. Adding you as a Stumble-friend – feel free to add me back ;)