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Toprank Blog every week updates their list of the top search blogs and Lee has just made another update. That OPML file in turn is used by others to create some great services. Check this out…

Lee has mentioned a good way to add a river of news. Why not take it a stage further and have the OPML used to power an SEO social network

The best possible way would be for all these sites to join the new Bumpzee community for SEO

Yes my SEO category for this blog is feeling lonely as it seems to be the only SEO content currently submitted – the new channel only launched yesterday.
The Affiliate Marketing channel has been running for some time, and is proving to be a huge success.

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    I’m particularly interested in Bumpzee. Having worked extensively with social networking groups in the past, I would have thought that at least one of us would have happened upon Bumpzee. But unfortunately, that has not been the case. I like the Bumpzee set up and I think that every SEO line on the site has a great potential for growth. I think it’s probably in everyone’s best interests to get in early. Although you’re a bit discouraged, it’s usually the people who get in early on in the game who achieve the most success. Isn’t that always the way that it goes with marketing? I’m also interested in how you happened upon Bumpzee or did they happen upon you and ask you to write about them in your blog? How often do you involve yourself and your blog in SEO lines on other sites and in social networking and marketing?