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Are you sick of regurgitated lists full of tips from people who have never made any real money online?

Rich Schefren

My respect for Rich Schefren started with one of the smallest details possible, actually one I had the cheek to criticise John Reese about not too long ago. In fact I would say 95% of Internet Marketing guru blogs overlook this one small factor.

Rich Schefren’s blog uses SEO friendly permalinks

If you are on lots of internet marketing mailing lists, I am sure you have received a few emails about Rich Schefren over the last 6 months. You might have even done exactly what I did.

  • I signed up to his list
  • I downloaded his ebooks
  • I downloaded his audios


  • I didn’t read half of his emails
  • I didn’t spend time reading his ebook
  • The audio files were never listened to

If you are not on a lot of internet mailing list, congratulations, but in this particular case you have probably been missing out on some of the highest quality business growth information currently online.

I have just spent the better part of 8 hours watching free videos in which Rich Schefren blows away many of the problems people face with internet marketing and making money online, and I have decided to share them with you.

Video: Business Building (1 Hour 45 Minutes)

Summary: One of Rich’s most popular presentations. You’ll learn how to think like a real (profitable) business builder. Many marketers cite this talk as being responsible for creating a major transformation in their business philosophy.

If you can’t see the above video in your feed reader, please click through to watch

Video: Startup To Freedom (30 Minutes)

Summary: While the Business Building presentation addresses the mindset required for success, this video lays out the path to building a multi-million dollar company that can run and grow without you.

If you can’t see the above video in your feed reader, please click through to watch
Also available in the Vault: Podcast format and PDF of Slides used in the presentation

Video: Gaining Momentum (1 Hour 45 Min)

Summary: This video is appropriate for anyone who’s looking for a path that will take them to outrageous business success. But I’ve got to warn you, it’s not for those who are looking for a quick fix. It’s not for the weak..

Only Currently Available In the Vault (Free Access)

I actually watched this video twice, even though there was a 4th video available

Also available in the Vault: Podcast format and PDF of Slides used in the presentation

Video: Profit Prescriptions (45 Minutes)

Summary: In this video, your questions are answered. Rich demolishes the mental roadblocks that cause all too many smart but overwhelmed entrepreneurs from gaining the momentum they need to get their business off the ground.

Only Currently Available In the Vault (Free Access)
Also available in the Vault: Podcast format and PDF of Slides used in the presentation

Additional Ebook Bonuses Available

PDF: Internet Business Manifesto

Summary: Downloaded over 182,938 times, this landmark document firmly established Rich Schefren as the premier business building coach. It is still considered to be required reading for anyone who is building an online business.

PDF: The Missing Chapter

Summary: After writing the original Manifesto, Rich asked what challenges readers were still experiencing. He analyzed the responses from thousands of readers and produced “The Missing Chapter.” It’s a critical document that explains how to build a business based around your personal strengths.

PDF: The Final Chapter

Summary: After working with several major Internet publishers, Rich reveals what makes their business models hyper-profitable. Advanced back-end marketing strategies are exposed, and the trilogy is completed.

Business Growth Systems Review

I am a strong believer in concepts like social proof. In a few days time Rich will be launching a new coaching program, and from what I have read it will be priced to be affordable for people seriously interested in taking their internet business forward.

Those who have been reading my blog for a while will recognise this page as a placeholder for a full review that will no doubt be a worthwhile read when the course is launched, but I urge you to take some time off and watch the videos.
Some of the material above was a quick copy and paste from inside the profit vault – I will be writing original summaries and bullet points. I have to have something substantial posted today, and I seriously want to go out and have dinner with my wife, and spend some time relaxing.

I have always stressed that I am a guy that looks at the “bigger picture”, and I have also hinted a number of times that many topics I write about are strategic in nature.
In many ways I have been doing things suggested by Rich in these videos, but personally I gained more from these videos than any ebook I have ever purchased.

Take the time, it’s worth it.

Are You Too Scared To Give Your Email Address?

I have been on Rich’s email list for more than 4 months, and in that time I have received 24 emails from him, mainly notifications for new free training materials, and follow up reminders. I use a tracking link, and I can see how many people click through and also what percentage sign up.
If you are too scared to give someone your email address, who is a legitimate marketer offering valuable information for free, I warn you never to leave a comment on any blog, because most blog owners have no idea about legitimate email marketing practices.

If you sign up for access to the free vault, you get to see more great videos (I think the 2 videos in the vault are actually even more powerful than the first two), and access to more free videos in the future.

Rich is going to try to sell you his new coaching system, I have no doubt about it, but the best way to sell such a product is social proof, thus it is a guarantee he is going to provide even more great free resources.

If you want more social proof that this is something special, take a look at the responses on Rich’s blog. These responses are from people who have watched the videos, and there are more to come.

Alternatively, take the time to watch the other videos in the vault, and read the ebooks, it’s worth it.

Business Growth Systems Review

Is not going to happen, because I didn’t buy the service

  • I expected the monthly subscription to be slightly lower – for those that did sign up I am sure they will get their value for money
  • The sales page didn’t work for me – the build up was full of lots of incredible information, yet the sales page itself was a little flat, maybe deliberate.
  • I was disappointed that the promotion was intended to “sell out” in a few hours. The affiliate program suggested that the service would allow more long term signups, thus people would be able to consider their investment

If they open the doors again in the future, I will most likely sign up as it will then be better timed within the growth cycle of my business.

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  1. says

    Hi Andy

    I signed up bnack in March and it is very good although there is a mass of material that I haven’t had time to go through yet in terms of the weekly Q&A calls.

    But I have not yet put together a full review of it on The Business Coaching Blog but it is coming, probably on a month by month basis since the course is spread over 11 months of material.


  2. says

    I am sure that the info in the course/programme is very good and well worth looking at if you have the time, but I wonder if it is better to actually focus on doing business rathar than learning about doing business.

    I am currently plotting a hugh internet business (i wish) but am actually working on the products/website rathar than reading about it. It’s taking more time than I would like but…

    I bought Ray Edwards copyrighting course last year after he ran it live over 8 weeks and it was good but what I find is that the info tends to be more what rathar than how. I am interested in the “how.” I also find that its very easy to get distracted by courses, manifestis etc primarily in the hope that I would stumble across something that would make building an online business easier, but I realise now I just have to focus on business building…

    Do you think Richs course is a what rathar than a how?


    ps – really good blog – good useful information