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I earn money from this blog, but as I have hinted in the past, that isn’t my primary goal. I write paid reviews for products that take a fair amount of time, but nothing compared to the amount of time WordPress plugin authors spend on their creations, only to give them away for free and often still provide support.

Admittedly I have been a little lax with my donations to other authors, though I have invested money in plugin development, only to publish the plugins myself under a GPL license, thus in my own way giving to the community.

What I have decided to do is to donate some of the income I receive from writing paid reviews back to the WordPress community.
I currently receive $130 for a paid review, and it is my aim to give 50% of my paid review earnings to plugin authors, probably on a monthly basis.

To ensure that credit is given where credit is due, I am only going to start the ball rolling with 2 of my own personal favourites. All other suggestions are subject to an “open mike”.

Only one suggestion per person is allowed, and you are not allowed to suggest your own plugin.
Once the list reaches 20 plugins, I will open a new post for this months voting.

Each month the list will be rolled over with new suggestions added. Though we will see how workable it is to include all the suggestions in each month’s list, I reserve the right to only include a certain number from the top of the list, or to bump plugins up the list if I personally feel they are worthy of being included sooner.

There is always a variation in how much I receive for writing a review, but my aim is to make each payout “visible” – more than just beer money, so typically around $100 seems suitable.

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You could also be writing reviews for PayPerPost

Readers: I look forward to your nominations – it would be great if you could also give a reason why you think a particular plugin author should receive the donation.
Please make sure:-

  • Authors accept donations for their work, preferably via Paypal.
  • Only one nomination per person
  • Please suggest compatible, actively supported plugins only
  • No commercial plugins (GPL compatible is not required however)

Also please try to provide me a link because it avoids confusion

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  1. says

    One nomination per person please
    Dofollow is added though Denis seems to have removed donation buttons.
    Akismet is a commercial subscription service, so doesn’t really fall under the criteria.

  2. says

    Great idea Andy! My nominations would be Bad Behaviour and Exec PHP, as well as, of course, Spam Karma.

    I really should add DoFollow to my comments too.

  3. says

    Ken I took the first one you mentioned – one nomination per person.

    Also there are so many variations of “Exec PHP” “PHP Exec” “RunPHP” etc, if someone wants to nominate a specific plugin, please provide a link.

    I think I am going to add something about plugins currently being updated, supported and compatible to the list, just in case people nominate something that has fallen by the wayside

  4. says

    A plugin i would like to nominate but cannot locate is one that allows for creation of a custom URL. So for example this post:


    could be set by admin to something like:

  5. says

    @12 Months – Denis has got one nomination, and I am sure he will end up with a donation “by hook or by crook” anyway, because he has done a lot of good work. Static front page is now a feture of WordPress 2.1, so I am going to leave it off the list for now.

    @ Andre – No need for any plugin to be specifically SEO related. A great nomination, and very well supported.

  6. says

    I think there are actually more than a couple with that functionality, and also most popular posts per category.

    Whilst the most common plugin most refer to is “Popularity Contest” could you confirm which one you mean, possibly with a link?

  7. says

    Here’s my nomination:

    WYSIWYG Plugin For WordPress (site contains NSFW Content)

    Nice WYSIWIG and also provides an easy image uploader, also, within which you can resize the image, add alt text within user interface. Plugin involves a big buncha files and the post writing page lags a bit when loading, but the options are nice to have; it’s easy to add more buttons also and customize it to one’s liking.

    • says

      Becky I will keep it as a reserve choice to add to the list, but it will most likely be added for lack of suggestions.
      The reason being the plugin doesn’t seem to be as well supported as it could be, with many comments unanswered, and code suggestions from users not being incorporated.

  8. says

    Thanks for a great site. I want to nominate All Passion Marketing’s LinkLove plugin. It’s a variation of DoFollow except it allows you to set a parameter before allowing your blog reader to attain no nofollow. Default setting is 10 comments but you can turn it up or down. I’m using it on my blog

  9. says

    Andy the more I read from you the more I like you.Very honest and moral person.If everyone could learn to do the same we could aleviate and abolish alot of the problems the world has today.As always keep up the good work!From the Work At Home Review Company
    John Kohr

  10. says

    WordsFinder, a small agency based in London UK, has launched a great SEO plug in that takes care of meta data, x rays web copy, suggests tags and boosts your blog traffic intelligently and for free. By auto-tagging your blog, readers would be able to dive straight into post deeply buried within your site allowing you to generate more page impressions.

    WordPress 2.3 ( the latest version of the popular blogging platform ) now includes tagging support by default, without any plug in. WordFinder plug in has been build on this new functionality, it automatically generate keywords and tags for the page and for the meta data. Optionally on the “write and edit post” page, when bloggers click on tags, they get added to the category list.

    Not happy with Wordsfinder suggestions?
    You can add, remove, manipulate any keyword or tag. On the option page, bloggers would be able to limit the amount of tags retrieved by wordsfinder. Leaving them 100% in control.

    Download and test the freeware yourself.

  11. Dylan says

    I realize I’m a little late with nominations for the contest, but one you definitely need to put on your radar is WP-SpamFree. It can be used in conjunction with Akismet, but it stops spambots cold.

  12. says

    Let me say that i do admire the selfless nature of the wordpress plugin creators. Some of the plugins that have been created for wordpress are simply priceless.
    Having said that, If someone knows a wordpress product review plugin that allows one to write reviews and then lets blog readers to contribute to the review and is nice and neat please share because i believe this would be a very useful plugin. People value reviews.


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