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I have been involved a little in the conversation over on Tony Hung’s blog regarding A List Bloggers, and Tony has actually just made a clarifying post. I thought these screenshots from Twitter would bring a few smiles for all involved.

Looking for A listers

Twitter A List the new online social elite?

Now who would want only A and B list bloggers on his show? Jason Calacanis?

I didn’t think A listers existed

One point Tony missed out on his list, I frequently write totally unique content, but it rarely becomes news because it might not fit the agenda of the A List bloggers who don’t exist.

If you want a full round up of the discussion from the last few days, there really is only one choice.

John is a regular reader, and he has ripped through all the gesturing to reveal the truth.

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  1. says

    Hi Andy,

    Haha, I might need to add this to my post on the subject (e.g. Andy says “Hee hee”). And thanks for the mention, good sir.