How To Remove Nofollow On New Blogger – Dofollow on Blogspot

When I wrote my Ultimate Guide to DoFollow plugins, I hadn’t read a solution to removing Nofollow from comments for Blogger that actually passed the link credit from your own domain.

Nofollow On Blogspot

I try to keep many of my posts updated as often as possible, and I believe that Ronnie’s guide on Tips for Blogspot is currently the easiest to understand.

Remove Nofollow From Blogger Comments & Trackbacks

Ronnie also seems to be extremely experienced with Blogspot, and is doing a lot of things I honestly never thought about doing, or even though was possible.

He has written a much more technical guide for those publishing using blogger on their own servers.

Processing Blogger Pages As PHP Using FTP

The example he uses is for parsing comments to remove link attributes such as nofollow.

So you can now share link love to your commenters on Blogger

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  1. says

    Hi Andy,

    I have a question regarding your post signature.

    I’m guessing it’s automated that you show your photo, related posts etc. What plugins do you use to accomplish this? I’ve tried a related posts plugin but it required me to run a script through MySQL database, which ultimately didn’t work.

    One other thing, that’s a nice policy you have for your Technorati favourites. I might have to employ the same one.

    All the best,


  2. says

    I am using a hacked version of my disclosure policy plugin for my footer – I had to hack it to force it to include some additional PHP to show the link to the post.

    Related posts are being handled by Ultimate Tag Warrior – I wrote about how to do it here
    Here is how to do the related posts in feeds

    I apply the same policy for things like Digg and Stumbleupon, which works really well.
    For Technorati Favorites I will be adding an RSS feed very soon to my front page for an added incentive.

  3. says

    Thanx for the plug Andy.

    To clarify, the post regarding processing pages with PHP for FTP blogs, the function for removing NoFollow was alluded to and not explained.

    I have now accomplished the DoFollow feat on my WebStractions site, but have yet to post the actual code for it. I am heavily involved in a project right now (WordPress site … yikes) and it is cutting into a lot of my free time. My posts on Tips 4 Blogspot are not generally short and take quite a while to compile.

    Ironically though, the center of the code are two lines of script snipped from the WordPress DoFollow plugin. The backend for WebStractions will more than probably add a lot of WordPress functionality into it — which you can host and Blogger safeguards the data.

  4. says

    That kind of info is really valuable Andy. I´ll change my template right now to follow comments.
    Thanks a lot and feel free to visit me any day to have some fun.

  5. says

    Thanks for everything Andy, this ‘no follow’ thing is doing great injustice to many good bloggers out there. I have followed your instructions for removing this spiteful code and I’m already seeing positive results. Thanks again.

  6. says

    I tried to remove nofollow on my blogger blog, but it didn’t work. I delete both of the nofollow mentions in the HTML and saved the template, but I keep getting nofollow tags for HREF inclusions in my comments. Anyone know of a solution?


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