Sponsored Reviews Pays Up

It is great theorising that you can monetize your blogging activities with various forms of advertising, and possibly some affiliate reviews, but blog visitors often don’t click contextual advertising, and affiliate marketing is most effective when you have a large amount of traffic to a small number of sites, or a small amount of traffic to a huge number of sites. Your relationship with your audience is also extremely important, as Scott Jangro was recently discussing in relation to Google’s new CPA offerings.

I didn’t write about Google’s CPA service, because everyone else was covering the subject, I just left a few comments on other people’s blogs. I don’t write about something unless I feel I can add something substantial to the conversation, even if it is highly relevant.

This is where paid posts comes into the equation, because you get paid to write your review irrespective of the number of clicks a link gets, or how many unit sales are made.

Guaranteed Income

I used to work in sales in the offline world, and most of my income was based upon sales results. Unfortunately most f the time I didn’t have a product that was ready for final sale, and the games development studio didn’t have the pedigree to close a development contract just based upon design documents.

It is always good to have some level of guaranteed income, your basic salary. The total rewards are potentially not as high, but there is that level of financial security.

Fast Payment

One of the benefits I mentioned in my review of the Sponsored Reviews service was their payment terms, with payments being made within 2 weeks.

I also mentioned that as they are part of a more established firm, Text Link Brokers, I expected payments to be made on time.

Good to their word, today I received payment, just 12 days after my review of their service which is exceptional.

Giving Away The Money

I am giving away 50% of my earnings from Sponsored Reviews, ReviewMe and Pay Per Post as donations to WordPress Plugin Developers every month, and I would still like some more nominations of who I should give the first donation to.

Notice the Added Value

My donation promotions create a huge amount of added value for the people requesting reviews, and as I continue with this donations theme over the coming months, the donations page will be come cornerstone content with lots of repeat viewers.

Hopefully the resource will become popular among WordPress enthusiast, but it also becomes a showcase for anyone interested in demonstrating ways paid posts can be written with integrity.

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  1. says

    Nice of you to give away some of your income away. I got paid as well by SR today, and right on time.

    It’s sweet to see your paypal account get bloated with cash all of a sudden.