WordPress Plugin: Antisocial

You could blame this plugin on Lorelle for suggesting this weekend as a “Code Marathon Party“. Honestly though her code weekend idea just gave me a kick up the backside to finally just archive something on my harddisk and stick it on the web for public download.

I have been using a hacked version of the popular sociable plugin for months. The hack consists of just adding 14 characters that are very important to the well-being of your website (if you use Sociable)


I have discussed providing this hacked version, or a better one in the past and just didn’t get around to it. I am not going to sell the advantages of making this change.

I just get sick of visiting the blogs of friends and not being greeted by pink boxes.

I have created a special download page on this domain for hacked Word press plugins

Note: I did offer this as a suggestion to the author before the last release to include by default or as an option, and he declined.

I will most likely be providing a few more hacked plugins as a distribution, but please understand I do not regard these plugins as a branch from the original.

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  1. says

    Thanks for that Andy! Implemented your plugin and I’m adding you to my blogroll so instead of wasting my GoogleJuice, I’ll send some your way ;)

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    Andy, thanks for being a pied piper for no-nofollow. I recently removed no-follow from my blog as well. Much of that decision came after reading your posts. So thanks. And I’m sure my commenters thank you as well.

  3. says

    Well in this particular case it is adding nofollow to links that shouldn’t get credit.

    In Cord’s case for instance, installing this plugin reduces the number of followed links by 25, plus those links were appearing on every page which in theory, based on my interpretation of the Google Blogsearch patent could be a penalty.

    As he has now added dofollow to comments, even if he gets 25 comments per post he will effectively be in a better situation.

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    Well, if you’re looking to point fingers, the coding marathon might actually kinda be my fault. Lorelle is pretty mostly fairly innocent in all of this. Honest. ;)

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    Andy this plugin is freaking genius and I was stoked when I heard about it. I installed it immediately. Thanks a million! The original Sociable plugin had one little bug that I found, the StumbleUpon button didn’t work due to an error in the sociable.php file. Since this one was built using that one, it has the same error. If you want to fix it in the original, it might help a lot of people! Here’s the fix for you:


    Hopefully this will help somewhat! Take care Andy, and again – thanks for a brilliant plugin.

    • says

      All I did was add 14 characters to the file that the author refused to change, and I had previously published how to make the change with the last version.

      I am actually aware of the SU Button problem, though I am actually thinking of removing it.

      I have seen situations on my posts where my large SU button was clicked 29 times, and no reviews appeared.

      That isn’t the broken button but the big one.

      Unfortunately SU don’t offer a way to have a button the same as a Thumbs up, and their TOS prevent someone hacking it.

      Jemille actually created a version of my plugin with the fixed SU button. I told him I would wait a while before fixing mine – I suppose it is about time now.

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    I’ve been using this trick on the Sociable plugin for a lot of time on my blog too. But i never thought about making a different plugin and make it available for download. Adding the rel is very simple… But it’s true that for the ones having nothing to do with php and coding, will be a lot easier to get your version

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    Hi Andy

    I installed Anti-Social yesterday but it added bullet points to the icons because my default [li] tags are bulleted in the CSS. Any idea how I can hack your hack to fix this?

    thanks in advance,