MyBlogLog API – How Far Forward Are You Thinking

MyBlogLogMashups utilizing 3rd party services are a growing and competitive market, and only people who are fast on their feet get the chance to grab mind share with early adopters. Rarely is there a chance to take advantage of an API – before it is available.

MyBlogLog API – Is There Going To Be One?

Absolutely, no doubt whatsoever, the question is when.

Scott Rafer stated this in the comments of my MyBlogLog Wish List post not so long ago.

Andy, we’re doing our best to assemble an API. Thanks for your suggestions.

What Type of Data Might MyBlogLog Make Available?

MyBlogLog Directly Related Data

  • The communites you belong to
  • The RSS Feed address of the communities
  •, Flickr and other membership details
  • Your contacts and their details
  • Comments

MyBlogLog Tracking Data

  • Recent Visitors to your Community
  • Recent Visitors to your Profile
  • Specific Tracking Data of each Visitor
  • Historical Data

Stanley Milgram’s Theory

“No two people are more than six degrees apart”

There is no guarantee that MyBlogLog will allow access to your extended network completely, but this is the theory networks like LinkedIn and Xing are founded upon.

You could potentially have access to:-

  • The Blogs your readers are interested in
  • The Contacts your readers have made
  • The Sites that are most popular in your community


I mentioned some of the possibilities in my MyBlogLog wish list. Here is a shorter version

Access to OPML will allow:-

  • RSS Feed Readers
  • Personal Community Meme Trackers
  • 2nd Degree Community Meme Trackers
  • Parse Tags and have topic based Meme Trakers
  • Community Widgets
  • Community Based Custom Search
  • Ajax Start Page

Access to Tracking will allow:-

  • Visual representation of tracking data
  • Pinpoint what interests your core readership
  • Combine tracking data with Adsense account data
  • Tracking Data Widgets

Access to Comments will allow:-

  • Community Discussion
  • Merge MBL comments with comments on your blog

MyBlogLog Is Still Alive?

MyBlogLog popularity certainly took a little bit of a dip over the last month but is recovering strongly

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  1. says

    I’ve been very lucky to be playing around with the new Mybloglog API at Hackday over the weekend, though its still very buggy, I did manage to get some interesting data out of it. The documentation while sketchy is based around flickr’s so if you haven’t had a chance or not sure how to get started with API’s that would make a good port of call in preperation for the launch.