WOOT Creating Twitter Splogs

Twitter | Google Toolbar ButtonIf an affiliate created a blog and fed a datafeed to that blog, a large proportion of the blogosphere would regard that blog as a splog, especially if it was on blogspot.

I have just read over on 10e20 a post by Tamar discussing how Twitter can be used for direct marketing, by creating a product feed of special offers.

Why is it OK on Twitter but not OK on a blog platform?

  • Twitter is indexed by search engines
  • Twitter content is syndicated as RSS
  • Twitter is indexed by Technorati

The WOOT Twitter feed is effectively a splog by most definitions.

Why do it on Twitter? You could just subscribe to their RSS feed

There is a huge difference between this, and possibly commercial use of Twitter by their newly announced web services and command line, where you can request specific information, and have it sent directly back to you.

Lots of people are using Twitter commercially, pointing people in the direction of content on their blogs, or those of others. Twitter needs a way to handle disclosure.

Twitter is already ranking well in search engines, it would be so easy to create a linkfarm of Twitter Splogs.

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  1. says

    I don’t know if there is something that I’m missing, but the whole Twitter craze is leaving me behind I guess. There is a personal and granular aspect to blogging about one’s life which is appealing. But Twitter to me is taking that to a level that removes all depth while at the same time increasing the mundane. For close friends maybe this is useful but I wonder how long the heightened interest will last for the average joe. I’m guessing Paris Hilton is the only one who would have a posse of followers that would eat this stuff up. And that’s saying something.

    Maybe at 32, I’m just getting old.