TwitterAdder – Software Specification

I am sure such an application is just around the corner, and as I speculated about it in a comment thread over on Andy Beal’s Marketing Pilgrim, I just wanted to have a record of “I called it first”


  • Automatically create Twitter sales channels
  • Joins other sales channels in the same network
  • Follows Other Users automatically
  • Feeds affiliate links to sales channels
  • Ability to take other people’s Twitter feeds and remix them
  • Built in vocabulary from existing feeds “oh yum… pizza”
  • Name Dropping
  • Ability to randomly source stories from Techmeme plus associated blog posts

Software concept as per all my work is licensed under GPL

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  1. says

    Andy –

    I was just discussing this yesterday with someone. I think we are going to start to really see an influx of random “SocialNetwork”Adders now that myspace is cracking down very hard on the bot makers (and we know how many of them there are)…

  2. says

    As I pointed out when I linked through to Tamar’s post regarding WOOT, if they can do it, so can an army of 100,000 affiliates armed with datafeeds.

    Tamar thinks that this is the kind of service that is acceptable use, but every affiliate marketer has access to special offers and coupons.

    • says

      That looks like a rogue site that is extremely poorly put together, insecure, and designed to high jack people’s login details.

      • says

        It took me an hour to put together and already twitter have had to respond by throttling the amount of friend adds you can do per hour. So far in two days there have been 900 users racking up friends. I’ve got to look at proxy next as I can see IP blocking coming next. I’ve got several accounts with 8,000+ friends and 2,000+ followers. Twitter normally mess them up by breaking the updates of site details etc. I guess it all depends on how long twitter lasts tho’