Spam Karma 2.3 Still The Best Comment Spam System For Niche Websites

Spam Karma is one of my favorite plugins and despite rumours to the contrary, it is still being supported.

Dr Dave has just released a new version

New in 2.3 of Spam Karma:

These are the full release details from inside the console, much more than is available on the blog. (for those that don’t have Spam Karma Installed currently)

New in 2.3:

* Miscellaneous bug-fixes (UI, WP21 compatibility, compatibility with other plugins etc.)
* A few small changes in the modules (improving blacklisting module, disabling RBL for now).
* Important updates to WordPress DB schema in order to try and improve its sluggish loading time (not directly an SK2 problem per se, but had to be done for SK2 to run fine).

Sorry this update took so long to come: basically SK2.2 worked well-enough for everybody and I am of the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” school of development…
However, lately, a couple issues with WP prompted me to finally push a release out. More details on these changes for the technically-inclined will certainly follow on my blog.

A couple things in the meantime:

* While the amount of code changed isn’t very big, I highly recommend installing this update: it should dramatically improve both WP and (therefore) SK2’s CPU performances.
* Once you’ve copied all the files over the previous install of SK2, make sure you browse to the ‘Manage SK2′ page at least once so it can run the auto-update script.
* From now on, use this online form to contact me for any SK2-related issue (all previous support email addresses will be discontinued soon).
* Due to one really nasty bug in Apple Mail (no mistake on my end, I sweat), all the mails in my inbox for the past couple months have been deleted. If you contacted me in the past and I haven’t replied yet, please send again (using this comment form). Sorry about that.
* The Documentation Wiki has been offline for a while now: I had to disable it, as spam(how ironic, I know) simply wasn’t manageable and Mediawiki dearly lacks proper tools to deal with it. I am planning to run SK2’s documentation on a basic WP install instead, but will still need to do the import from the old wiki manually (volunteers anyone?).
* Despite insistant rumors (and low release frequency, I must admit), I am NOT discontinuing SK2 development in any way in the near future (full story here).
* Brian ‘ColdForged’ Dupuis has been working on a very cool SK2 plugin using mod_security. I need to check up with him, but the customized version I am running here is doing wonders, reducing server load by weeding out repeat offenders at the server level. BTW, any volunteer do work on a version using ip_deny instead of mod_security ? I swear it’s very little work…

Spam Karma is extremely low maintenance on niche blogs because if a legitimate comment does happen to trip the system, it is unlikely to have as many penalties associated with it as automated spam. You can set your email report function to notify you of potential good comments to a high frequency and a flexible value (I use 8 hour reporting and Skip spam with karma under -20)

I have some sites running on WordPress that receive a good 100 spam messages per day, and possibly 2 real comments a week, and I only log into them if the comments require a response.

Spam Karma is that good!

Spam Karma is among the currently 5 plugins nominated for my first round of donations to WordPress plugin developers from my income writing paid reviews. I will be opening voting on the first of next month, so if you want to nominate a plugin, this is your last chance.

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