Maki From DoshDosh on 10e20 – Reddit – Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About It

Maki from DoshDosh is one of my favorite emerging bloggers and it seems that the talent is being noticed, as this post on 10e20 seems to show.

As you would expect from Maki, this article really does go into great depth on how to use Reddit effectively and ethically.

Reddit is a service I honestly don’t have a lot of time for, though I do have an account and welcome more friends.

I listed all my Social media memberships in my post on StumbleUpon, from which I also linked through to Maki.

Maki- congrats on the new writing gig.

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  1. says

    Thanks Andy! It was fun writing for 10e20.. Chris Winfield is a great guy and they have some pretty good articles on their blog.

    BTW.. I love how you’ve placed the social buttons on the right of the post.. great location!

  2. says

    You deserve the credit, your posts on social bookmarking sites are probably the most in-depth coverage available.

    Those bookmark buttons are causing me all kinds of CSS problems, and not being a CSS guru it is taking me a while to fix it.

    I am trying to get this working so that it lives with the divs and plugins at the bottom of each post. It is not happy yet.