Are Press Releases More Cost Effective Than PPC Advertising?

Not long ago I wrote about how PRWeb can be used to grab some useful backlinks on pages that might experience reasonable qualified traffic, especially from members of the press, or owners of quality websites.

Vlad was one of the people who decided to do some experimentation with the method, and at the same time also decided to give submitting paid press releases a try.

He had some success in the past, but you know how things go – new ideas for promotion come along, and PPC advertising doesn’t require the same kind of time investment up front.

Today Vlad has written about the results he has achieved using press releases to promote a site.

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  1. says

    Thanks for mentioning Andy.
    The trackbacks are great. But as I mentioned in my post, it’s greately overlooked by the aouthors of press releases.

    My next press release will be accompanied with a e-mail to about 20 bloggers to let them know that I enabled automatic trackbacks with press relsease. ;)

    • says

      Auto trackbacks sound like a great idea. Are these 20 bloggers one who have already noticed and commented on your press releases? Or total randoms?

  2. says

    @Andy (not Andy Beard, sorry master)

    I have a list of people who may be interested in this method. I am not ready yet with the press release. I have not tried it yet. I am not sure random would be the best way to go about it. Not many bloggers are aware of it yet.