Is Akismet a Spam Magnet? Plus a little on Trackbacks

I am going to keep this fairly short.

I was just reading Paul’s post on trackbacks as there seems to me some kind of meme floating around started by Steve Rubel that trackbacks are dead.

I smell FUD, because that probably ties in with the “Social Media Press Release” that is being promoted by Edelman as a solution for press releases (PR Web support trackbacks)

Trackbacks are very much alive for blogging platforms such as WordPress that actually pingback automatically without having to copy and paste some silly code that is supposedly to reduce the amount of trackback spam.

Trackbacks happen less on such blogging platforms – I have heard recently that Typepad only seems to be working to trackback other Typepad blogs – that is just sad.

Blogging without trackbacks is insular blogging

Anyway Paul mentioned receiving…

1000 Spams Per Day

Here are my stats for Spam Karma which I wrote about the other day

* Total Spam Caught: 9800 (average karma: -1056.58)
* Total Comments Approved: 1029 (average karma: 9.94)
* Total Comments Moderated: 419
* Current Version: 2.3 rc1

That is over 5 months

  • I started this blog Oct 17th 2006
  • I have been running DoFollow to remove nofollow from trackbacks and comments from the day I launched.
  • I have been running Spam Karma since day one
  • This blog is higher traffic (at least by Alexa)
  • I have more toolbar pagerank
  • I cover slightly different topics, but there is a lot of overlap

Paul’s domain is older by a fair amount but that doesn’t explain

15 times as much spam

What do you think?

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  1. says

    Hey Andy, I think a lot the reason my domain gets hit with so much spam is not just the age.

    For a long while I ran a Blog and Podcast Directory from the domain (in a subdomain) while was very heavily trafficed.

    It was a personal project and I ended up having to shut it down after it simply became too much work to moderate (even with 3 of us working on it daily).

    That site is still listed widely and linked to widly on the web. There are also many dead blogs with the old Blog Resource button still in their sidebar.

    Even though I killed the site I put up a WordPress installation so I could let people know what happend.

    I think many spam bots find my blogs through that and other sites linking in.

    Now, that’s not all of it. My spam numbers have been increasing steadily fro the past year or more and it got to around the 1000 a day mark a couple of weeks ago.

    I emptied my spam at around 2am on Saturday morning, and there’s only 1685 as of 8am Monday morning. That’s just the past 30 hours!

    Thankfully akismet catches most of it and out of the same 1685 there were only 7 spams it asked me to moderate, and 1 false negative.

  2. says

    Those are some scary spam numbers! My blog has very low traffic and has been around since January of this year. Lately spam has started to pick up and now I average about 10 spam comments a day. Akismet catches them all so all I had to do is log in and do a quick review and press delete. Not sure what I would do if I got some of the spam numbers mentioned in this post and in Paul’s comment. I hate those blasted spam bots.