Goal Setting & Technorati 100

Do you set achievable goals both on your on-line activities and in your off-line personal life? I certainly do, though some of them I keep private, and a few I leave hints about.

A few days ago Dawud tagged me in the “Gotta get goals” meme.

Here is a quick answer that fits the meme

1. Family
2. Home
3. Security
4. Happiness
5. Sharing
6. Success

A long answer on any of those question might be repeating myself, or potentially too revealing, and I like to be subtle about longer term business goals, though I do drop quite a few hints to add a little mystique.

I think at the end of the day the meme is aimed at revealing a little about yourself that others might not know, and to be honest there is a huge amount already that I have written, but most of my readers might not have seen.

Lets delve back into the distant past…. in blogging terms over the last 3 months is pretty distant.

I took part in the 5 Things About Me meme, and that had some mention of family goals.
I also mentioned Michel Fortin’s New year resolution “Earn more. Work less. Enjoy better.” and suggested I would add “share more”.

Hmm, I am currently working more and earning less.. but at least they are aimed at a long-term goal or earning a lot more, and not having to work because I need money.

I think I am doing fairly well on the “Share more”.

Michel tagged me in the “Why Do I Blog” meme – I shared a lot of inner motivation and business goals in that post, and I doubt most of my subscribers have read it.

I wasn’t too revealing in the 5 questions meme, but continued the business thread.

My about page mentions the house we are building – one of these days I will post some photos but there is a good chance we will be moving in later this year.

Short Term Blogging Goals

I did set one attainable blogging goal some time ago, to get in the Technorati Top 100 (favorited sites)

I said at the time

I was just browsing Technorati.
It would only take 67 favorites to get in their top 100 favorites
Top 50 – currently only 115 favorites
327 Favorites to get in their Top 10 !
Those are realistic targets for any blogger (not just me)
Much more realistic than the most linked to blogs. You would need links from 3000+ blogs

As is the nature of the internet, goals such as this have ever receding horizons, thus the number of Technorati favorites needed to get in the top 100 has increased somewhat.


Technorati Favorites

If I doubled the number of people who joined my Technorati Favorites, I would currently be ranked 37 – a very achievable target.
If every one of my subscribers added me to their favorites, I would actually be in the Top10

I can’t tell you whether being in the Top100 sends any traffic, or the Top10, or whether it helps with Technorati relevance. I do know that Technorati visit my blog and feeds a lot looking for updates, far more often than I ping them.
There is also the potential benefit (speculation) that it might help ranking in Google BlogSearch.
Technorati visiting me frequently does have some advantages. All those links to my favorites that show on the sidebar get seen as incoming links, and I have seen quite a few visits by people checking their Technorati for what I have written about them. A sneaky way to get more traffic, but also share the love.

It would be nice if a few more reciprocated

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  1. says


    Sneaky indeed, from the man who said I was “gaming” the system by using blogging chicks javascript blogroll to increase my Technorati ranking!

    So how’d you get those favorites on your blog that show up as you linking to folks?

    I’d better go check Technorati tools section again…

    Congrats on being #99 — I think your goal to hit #37 (my age, by the way) is very doable.

    I’ve already favored your blog a while ago.

    Maybe if you offered to favor everyone’s blog that favors your blog on Technorati, you’ll be in Technorati’s top #10 (or at least close) by the end of this month.

    Just a thought…

  2. says

    Those links aren’t benefiting me in Technorati at all, they are actually benefiting the people who added me as a favorite, and I reciprocated.

    I don’t think I have ever singled out a single blogroll community, but that is effectively the same as blog networks having links to all their sites.

    There isn’t really any SEO gain, because there are only 5 links, but I have ensured they are surrounded by relevant content, and there is a chance of click-through traffic.

    The output is just the RSS feed taken from Technorati, which using a plugin I cache every 30 minutes.
    It is quite likely that due to the caching not every post will show up, but to benefit the people who do reciprocate, they only need one link every 6 months, so the odds are they will get a link eventually.

    If you look on the sidebar, there is a mention of the reciprocation policy – you have been on my favorites list ever since you first read about reciprocating Technorati favorites a while back.

    I don’t know if Blogger can do the same with RSS, or whether it is outputted as javascript.

  3. says

    Cvos I do get your point about trying to stick to a single subject in a post, although in the case of a meme like this, if I have already provided the answers in depth, creating short versions might not be the ideal scenario.
    If someone has already read the previous content, they can skip it, if they missed it, then it highlights something useful for them to read. That is particularly important for content that takes a long time to prepare, such as my answer to “Why do I blog”. If I get an opportunity to link to it, those interested will benefit.

    With the Technorati favorites there is a difference between how I am trying to achieve it, and maybe someone asking their vast readership to favorite them.
    Most people adding me to their favorites are doing it because I have explained the possible win/win scenario for doing it.

    One of the other things I am achieving with this blog is “carving niches”, and then bridging them. If I was providing the same content in the same style as everyone else, I might have more readers, but I wouldn’t have the same quality of readership.

  4. says

    Andy, I understand every blogger has their own style and this makes for some great reading.

    Personally I would be very interested in more information about the effects being listed in technorati has on your blog, and more specific details about stats, traffic and referrals.

  5. says

    As I have only just hit the top100 traffic from it is non existant, though I have noticed referrals from technorati.com quite a bit recently, 8 today, and that was from the root domain.

    Maybe somehow I get cycled more on the images there, or maybe it is people actually seeing posts among their favorites when they visit Technorati. There are quite a few people I have exchanged with who probably don’t use a feed reader, but do visit Technorati.

    I feel I am doing well on longevity in the Google Blogsearch results.

    Here is one example, lots of people talked about Blogads


    I haven’t got the benefit of domain age or lots of incoming links, but the only sites ranking above me are WTC, Techcrunch and John Chow.

    It is actually rare to see John rank above me on things we have both written about in Blogsearch.

    Another lesser example is Volusion

    Now this could be just the benefit of tagging that I outrank both Yaro and John or some other factor such as repeat referrals to my reviews in more recent posts.

    Rest assured if I gain some noticeable benefit I will report it. 8 visitors from a single source is still quite visible in my stats, especially from the root domain.

    It is all fun and games…

  6. says

    I always wondered if you would get significant traffic from Technorati if you were in the top 100. I’m pretty amazed that the answer is no.

    It just seems like that would be the first place a lot of people would go when they get started with Technorati.

    I suppose that it could be different for the top 10, because after that the list gets overwhelming, and not too many people like to scroll online anyway.

  7. says

    Julian, thanks for the heads up, it was still pulling javascript from amazon s3 for TwitThis, and that was causing slow page loading.

    There are a couple of rendering problems I am aware of, such as the header above the tags.

    If there is something more specific I would love a little more detail.

    I do check everything fairly frequently on both, but sometimes 3rd party code being pulled in messes things up.

  8. says

    Hey Andy – You never answered my question about how you got your links to your favorites on Technorati to show in your sidebar.

    Is that a WP plugin or something I can use on Blogger, too?

    Did you grab that code from the Technorati tools section?


  9. says

    I did answer Paula

    The output is just the RSS feed taken from Technorati, which using a plugin I cache every 30 minutes.

    Followed by

    I don’t know if Blogger can do the same with RSS, or whether it is outputted as javascript.

    Maybe I will have to explore blogger a little and see how this can be achieved

  10. says

    Thanks, Andy. I was able to easily upload my Technorati favorites RSS feed as a new page element on Blogger, and it’s now pulling it my top 5 (that’s the preset maximum — I can’t find out how to up this # to 10 or more in the script) most-recent Technorati favorites posts on my blog.

    I hope they’ll show up as a link on Technorati like yours are…

    If you ever catch your most recent post being linked to my me, let me know!

    Happy Weekend,

  11. says

    Hi, check my Technorati Tool (and his explanatory post). I’m sure you’ll find it useful to check your favorites. Feel free to blog about it :-)

    (pleasepleaseplease let me know what you think about it)

  12. says

    Thanks Andy, I am new to these blog business and it was a helpful review of you for Technorati favorites, i am also planning to use these tools after some research about most popular blogs.