Best WordPress Plugins (March 2007) | Poll

I have opened up the voting for the first round of my cash giveaway for WordPress plugin authors.
Nominations for the Best WordPress Plugin each month are made by my readers, and half my income from paid reviews is given away as donations to help support development costs of the best WordPress plugins.

Donations are going to be made (if possible) in large chunks of $100


Voting will be open until sometime during the morning of Friday 6th April (EST) – hopefully that will give the winner some nice additional beer money for the weekend.

Earnings to date for paid reviews: $30 + $75 + $98 = $203

That means the first giveaway will be for $100 this Friday

This is a great opportunity for advertisers, and people looking for in-depth feedback on their products. or services Reviews are typically 2000 to 3000 words. Reviews gain additional longevity and the companies supporting WordPress development through my reviews gain additional status for their contributions.
More details can be found on the Nominations for the Best WordPress Plugins page

I decided to try using the WP-Polls plugin to run these polls for a number of reasons.

  • WordPress Plugin Authors like their plugins being used
  • It has lots of powerful configuration options
  • It will add more relevant content to my site
  • It doesn’t pull information from a 3rd party server, potentially slowing down loading

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  1. says

    Have to go for UTW

    Bit difficult to decide though, as each plugin is strong in a particuar field, but UTW is so comprehensive it’s scary.

    Oh .. and I like Pi too …

  2. says

    Fortunately I am going to keep this running as a regular feature, so whatever people don’t choose this month, has a chance again next month, along with more nominations.
    Some months I hope that I will be able to make donations to more than just the one.

  3. says

    My vote’s in for SK2. Your write-up last week was very similar to my experience with it. It’s been awesome.

    I’ve also used WP-Poll and it works like a charm. The fact that “doesn’t pull information from a 3rd party server” was one of the key reasons I chose it. I noticed almost no performance hit, unlike some of the other popular hosted polling tools.

  4. says

    The only problem with SK is when you receive an email notification and accidentally click the wrong link.

    I am thinking of actually rolling over the voting, or half its value so those that earn lots of votes that don’t win, have an advantage 2nd time around.

  5. says

    I do use other platforms, but many of them are commercial and not very well known, and wouldn’t be classed as “blogging”

    I do however use WordPress heavily and have to give something more back to the community, thus this seems to be an ideal way.

  6. says

    UTW came close with DoFollow. If I had an option I would probably woted for both. But to me DoFollow comes first for many reasons, one connected to me commenting here. Also I am a beginner when it comes to UTW and do not experience much benefit from using it, comparing to DoFollow I should add.

  7. says

    I am thinking about adding threaded comments here, as well as an interface to make things easier to comment.

    I have a few other priorities though

    If that was meant to be a nomination for the next round of voting (this is monthly) then please include it in the nominations post

  8. says

    Alan I will be opening up a new round of voting in a couple of weeks. Hopefully people will give me some more nominations this time round.

    I am going to keep this going for as long as I get nominations.