Results: Top WordPress Plugins (March 2007)

Competition was fierce but with only 24 votes, the winner could easily have been decided in the last few hours.

I have checked the ballots and there doesn’t seem to be any scandals – rigged voting would have been news worthy and actually profitable, it just goes to show how honest people in the WordPress community are.

Here is the voting:-

Plugin # of Votes
Ultimate Tag Warrior 10
Spam Karma 4
Dofollow 5
Bad Behaviour 5
Image Manager 0

I don’t want anyone to feel that a vote is being wasted, thus for the next round I will be carrying forward half the value of previous votes rounded up, thus those that receive some votes in previous rounds will have a slight head-start in the next round of voting.

I am looking for more nominations for Best WordPress Plugin, and hopefully next time round we will see more voting.

Proof of $100 Donation:-

Payment Details
Transaction ID:		8L9571889R560693X
Item Price:		$100.00 USD
Total:			$100.00 USD
Order Description:	Donation to UTW as voted on by my readers
Buyer:			Keedz Limited

I have read that tagging functionality is being brought into the core of WordPress, and UTW might evolve into a way of expressing that data.
Christine Davis has worked hard with UTW, and I was actually glad I could give some recognition for all the hard work she has done in providing tagging support to WordPress in such a comprehensive manner.

Hopefully the next round of voting will gain a little more publicity, and that I gain a few more product reviews so I can make more donations to more plugin authors.

I am going to finish with a quote from my “almost namesake”, Andy Beal over at Marketing Pilgrim

If you want something picked apart, Andy Beard is your man.

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