Which Technorati Top Keyword Gets You Splogged The Most? (part1)

This is a little experiment to see which of these Technorati terms are currently being used by content aggregators and niche content sites that could be looked on as legitimate, or could be looked on as the scum of the earth, depending on your view-point.

These are the current top search terms on Technorati

  1. habitaquo
  2. joost
  3. youtube
  4. harlan ellison
  5. sanjaya
  6. myspace
  7. dana vachon
  8. dell
  9. twitter
  10. iran

Now to make this slightly more interesting, I have also tagged this post with the same terms and am going to add a poll.

Which of these terms will bring in the most benefit?

We are going to have to have a formula to define benefit, because some of the terms will bring in traffic from searchers just curious about what is going on, and some will be picked up by aggregators.

Just for arguments sake, I am going to say that 1 aggregator link is worth 20 visitors. I am going to look at the total benefit over the next 3 days.

So which terms will bring me most benefit? (poll won’t work in RSS feeds and email subscriptions)


I should note I am not expressing any opinion about these topics, though I have written a fair amount about [tag]Twitter[/tag] in the past.

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  1. says

    The keyword I get splogged for the most is ‘shoes’. I don’t know where that ranks on technorati, but it seems popular because every time I mention the word on my personal blog it gets picked up by splogs.

    I also get a lot of people finding a post I wrote about chickens, after searching Google for ‘hot naked chick pics’ – it must be a huge disappointment when they discover the only pic is of a Buff Orpington.

  2. says

    For some reason people arrive at my site looking for home made porn and Matt Lord… the order of words issue on google is a large relaventcy issue… how “Lord Matt” equals “…praise the Lord, Matt Redman” is a source of great ammusment to me. It seems google has no idea about the comma.

    On a different topic. according to alexia just before november last year your traffic started to spike in a big way. What did you do?

  3. says

    As I mentioned in the title, this is part one. I have a feeling you are more likely to get splogged for terms that generate revenue.

    There are a number of phrases I get picked up on, such as niche marketing, viral marketing etc. I had written one post in the past I wanted to be seen where all I did was write the post, and then write that this wasn’t about xyz.

    It should also be noted that whilst the terms might be searched for, the result wouldn’t be relevant, so would receive less clicks other than from curious people. So far in just a few hours that has generated 14 visitors – imagine if I had something relevant in the title.

    @Matt – hmm just before November seems about right, I started writing this blog on this domain 17th October – I did have some old content I imported over from blogspot, but most of the traffic is to new content.

    Techniques? – Nothing unusual – pick niches of speciality and have something to say, link out to people, write insightful comments and work damn hard at it.
    Not everything I have done has been a success – my disclosure policy plugin has been from a financial perspective a total flop, but it did gain me some credibility in certain circles.
    The same time & money invested could probably have resulted in 10 simple plugins or 10 themes that would have generated a lot more interest and links, but from a different audience.

  4. says

    I don’t know wich kind of benefit you are talking about, what I’m sure is that for some of us the only incoming traffic that counts is for habitaquo, although chances are you only get to lose your time