The Ultimate Way To Show Reader Appreciation

Reader Appreciation
If you weren’t already aware, this week is reader appreciation week. Now the idea of reader appreciation is fairly good, give out some prizes, give a reader a link, etc etc.

This blog has always been a community site, and since it was launched one thing it has always shared is link juice with a dofollow plugin.

One of the things the Reader Promotion Project created as a way of showing appreciation was the WP-AJAX Edit Comments so I decided to use it as part of my soon to be introduced revamped comment from, which was honestly suffering from neglect.

I Have Made It Easier to Comment
And Get Even More Fresh Juice

Changes made to my comment section include:-

  • Brian’s Threaded Comments – A highly modified version of the comments.php file was needed to bring it into line with my theme, split up the comments from the trackbacks, and give emphasis on the names of people leaving comments which will hopefully encourage more clicks.
  • MyAvatars – reincluded after a 2 month break – with MyBlogLog now on Yahoo servers it doesn’t represent a page loading problem.
  • LMB Comment Quicktags – this provides additional configuration over standard versions. I have already modified it slightly to include the right tags to include highlighted code in the comments, and will add a few more tags in the future.
  • WP-AJAX Edit Comments – this is a really neat plugin that allows you to make corrections to the data you filled in the comment form, both your URL / Email address, and your actual comment. I have set it to allow changes for up to 30 minutes. It is a great way to fix typographic errors you spot, or maybe a broken link.
    Be aware that email notification sent out will contain the original version of your comments, so there is no way to hide what you said previously.
    All you have to do is click on the content you want to change, and you can edit it inline. It is a fairly new plugin, so look out for bugs.

I will call this a beta version of my comment form for now, I want to also add a live preview, and there might still be some bugs I haven’t spotted.

Some people make these type of changes for purely selfish reasons, after all more comments equals more traffic.

I think the big difference is I am using dofollow and every single comment that adds to the conversation becomes a valuable link.

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  1. says

    The comment editor looks particularly useful. I hate to admit how many times I’ve mispelt my url. I hope more people install this so clumsy typers like me can fix their mistakes.

    • says

      Eve I won’t be taking part in the D-List

      In my mind it is flawed as a concept in a number of ways and I suppose I need to write a new post about it.

  2. says

    Nice update. I’m an ardent believer in the increase in value comments bring to a blog. After all the Web is all about conversation, not monologue.

    • says

      Time to go delving into the code or configuration again to remove one of the checkboxes. It is something that was built into the threaded comments plugin, but subscribe-to-comments places its own.

  3. says


    Thank you for mentioning the RA Project plugin here. Please let me know if you have any issues with it since (as you mentioned) it is a rather young plugin.

  4. says

    The Quicktags for comments looks pretty cool; however, I’m wondering how many people really take the time to use the quicktags. I know I just did when I bolder the word cool. But seriously, have you found that people have been asking for this added feature? I’m curious as I am going through a progressive redesign of my blog and wonder if I should try to offer this feature as well. BTW: nice post. Thanks

    • says

      People don’t ask for features that don’t exist, but it is much easier for someone who wants to drop a link to a highly relevant post to have an easy way to do it.

      I want to encourage people where appropriate to use code with the right tags so it is displayed correctly and if people want to bold something or include an image they can.

      Also remember that it isn’t just readers who use the comment form, but I use it as well.
      Being able to format my replies and link through to posts quickly is a time saver, and I am HTML conversant, it is just less typing.

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    Just testing out comment section. I liked how you placed the trackbacks below the comments. Easy to click through to another blog after placing a comment on the post.

    The Ajax edit comments will definitely be something that is pretty helpful. [ Just trying out the Quicktags :) ]

    • says

      I was thinking about various options with the trackbacks.
      With the threaded comments plugin it would have been much easier to have added some additional logic and have them styled differently and included them among the comments.
      Trackbacks can be part of the thread of conversation.

      To counter that argument, sometimes people might click away before reading all the comments, or reaching the comment box.

      I am also thinking about changing the order things appear within the comment area, because it might be better to have the text area right at the top, followed by the required fields, then the legal junk, and lastly a submit button.
      This might make it easier to reference the comment you are responding to.

      • says

        I do think so too.. the spam/comment guidelines creates a lot of clutter and can be a little too serious or intimidating. Perhaps moving them to the bottom or just linking to the comment policy will be good ehough.

        I do love threaded comments though.. somehow I can’t get it to work properly and look nice on Dosh Dosh, which is really a pity because it approves interaction among commenters by a great deal.

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    Hi Andy,

    Thanks for all the blog tips. You keep them coming so fast I can’t keep up. I’ve been paying close attention since you first implemented the comment policy cookie.

    Will you keep passing link juice to your commenters once you make the a-list?

    • says

      I would argue I am already A-list as far as the value of the links I provide from the comments.

      My content pages rank higher than those of some A-list bloggers because of my page structure, despite them probably gaining a lot more links than me.

      Hmm, how do I prove that?

      How about my disagreement with Robert Scoble over Google Reader and sharing content.

      Here is a Google Search for part of his blog post.

      That text only appears on my page as a trackback, and I am fairly sure Roberts page received more links, and that was around the time he switched domains as you will see that the trackback URL is from his current domain.

      My blog at the time of that post was only 2 weeks old. We have both benefited from some redirects from old domains, but overall Robert’s blog gains a lot more link love than I do.

      Yet I outrank him for his own words.

      Short term he would certainly out rank me, but long term my site structure gives my content more longevity.

      Ah, but I am more relevant for the term “Andy Beard” here is another search.

      In this case Robert appears first

      But maybe it is “neck and neck” as here is one that again I appear first.

      Both me and and Robert are fairly relevant on things to do with Google Reader, I get search traffic all the time.

      DoFollow is here to stay, and I will be continuing my evangelism for removing nofollow.

  7. says

    I have been carried along by the enthusiasm for DoFollow, so I have applied it to my site.

    I also really appreciate the link to WP-AJAX Edit Comments. I think it is a wonderful idea to be able to allow the commenter to edit their comment. You feel like a right idiot when you hit publish, and then reread your comment and immediately see a glaring spelling mistake. The ability to edit a comment is a gift. Although I do tend to correct grammar and spelling mistakes on my readers’ comments – in order to save their blushes – I’ll give this plugin a go, so that it gives them still more of a fighting chance.

    Thank you very much.

  8. says

    Thank you so much for your blogging tips.
    I am trying the comment editor, for sure!
    I am not sure why but some comments here are posted twice. Just letting you know.


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