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A few days ago I was interviewed by email by Martin Lindsey.

When I checked on Wednesday due to timezones it hadn’t been published yet, Thursday I was so buried in code, themes and plugins I didn’t spot it being published (yes I need more vanity Google Alerts), and so I am linking through to it today.

One thing it definitely highlights is the advantage of real genuine trackbacks over Technorati.
Technorati shows I have gained 4000 links in the last 3 months, and the number is escalating, mainly as Technorati find more and more additional feeds and blogroll links.

Google need to provide a decent trackback function with Blogger. You can use a 3rd party such as Haloscan, but that is very inconvenient. Maybe someone needs to create a service “I will ping your blogger” which subscribes to a blogspot feed, and sends feed notifications.
If you use Blogger and have found a good solution to trackbacks, please share that information in the comments.

So anyway, one thing I really like about Marty is that each interview he conducts asks different questions to prior interviews. It is not like he is using a template and sending it to 20 bloggers to create the content for a month.

Did I reveal any secrets? Possibly, Marty asked me questions I had never thought about in the past – the answers will certainly tell you a little more about me.

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  1. says

    It was a good interview it also proves that I am not the only one that thinks you are quite cool. Some of those things I have heard you say before (about the secret business plan) while others were new to me.

    Just an aside do you have many visitors with 800X600 res? I ask only as they see just the first two of the 2X3 grid top corner with everything else scrolling sideways. As sideways goes i works reasonably gracefully. (I have a web developer add in for the Fox).

    • says

      I teach myself how to do CSS using the very same Web Developer Toolbar. I especially like the various box model views and being able to click on DIVs to see which code section they are in the CSS, which isn’t always obvious.
      One post coming up is the various Firefox plugins I use.

      I think most 3 column themes these days actually go for a fixed width. I did experiment with a fluid content section but decided that ultimately I prefer the wider look.
      I keep the right column to only “social” content, so it is less of a problem having it out of site for people who use 800×600.
      I think for 800×600 users having the wider content and having to scroll to get to the social stuff is a good compromise.
      The toolbar is great for seeing how the code is constructed on various designer sites. although sometimes I don’t know the advantages of the code I pick up. As an example my right columns are not floated there, but are done with a negative offset. I have no idea of the advantages.

      I am not worried about the adverts being hidden, because no one is paying me for screen real estate – they are products I use or have purchased and think are good for my audience – I have purchased Total Web Audio but have only read the training materials so far, and watched the videos. What the same guys will be doing with Podcasts in the future is actually the most exciting thing.

    • says

      Just drop me an email with a load of questions, happy to answer them. I am still pondering how I want to integrate that other email you sent me.

  2. says

    “I am still pondering how I want to integrate that other email you sent me”

    Great I am looking forward to that as well. Meanwhile I will try to compile few questions.

  3. says

    Hi Andy,
    I enjoyed Marty’s interview.
    Can you explain one of your SEO tips mentioned in the interview:
    “Don’t waste Google Juice on links to bookmarks, feed subscription links and other forms.”
    Don’t you have all of these on your blog?