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I Follow
I Follow

For a long time I have been promising myself to build a community site for the Dofollow movement I strongly support, but it just wasn’t happening fast enough to support the growing community.

Memes are great for possible one-shot visits and a few links, and maybe if you are lucky you gain a few subscribers from taking part, and maybe those people develop into regular readers and even friends.

Lots of people use other communities such as MyBlogLog or Blogcatalog, but those services don’t currently allow you to find the hottest stories within your niche.

Horizontal and Vertical Niches

Niches don’t have to be just within a vertical space, such as gardening or web design, they can also be in horizontal space, such as “discount x”, “cheap x”, or local directories.

You can also have niches based around a philosophical point of view, or based around a cultural group such as church, school, or college.

The No Nofollow | I Follow | DoFollow Niche

Currently I regard this as a niche based on the philosophical idea that commenters give value to a blog, provide great content and are part of your community. As such it is great to reward them for commenting on your blog in a simple way, showing them respect by not sticking NoFollow on their links, and likewise providing a link back when they link to a post and use trackback / pingback.

Full Featured Community

Bumpzee may be unfamiliar with many bloggers outside the affiliate marketing field, but I have been involved with testing for a number of months and the features already available are impressive.

  • Voting on stories
  • Widgets to display top stories and visitors
  • Buttons for voting for major blog platforms
  • A message system that works intuitively with no limits
  • Tagging of content automatically
  • Discussion topics (a bit like shared blogs)
  • Zees – these are a bit like using Twitter, just for short messages

Cross Pollination

One wonderful effect of creating a community is that because of the multiple vertical and horizontal niches, bridges can be built.
Members of this new community I am gathering together (I am really just providing the platform, we will build it together) can also be members of other communities, even create their own within their vertical niche, or other horizontal ones and thus spread the concept of DoFollow.

Welcome to the new No Nofollow I Follow Dofollow Bumpzee Community

After you join Bumpzee, it is important to add your blog specifically to the No NoFollow Community. I noticed a number of people joined Bumpzee, even added their blogs to the system, but did not add their blogs to any communities.

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    • says

      A community of 4 blogs, 3 being mine isn’t Digg worthy

      Once it has grown, then it s time it might be worth a Digg, and I also plan to issue a press release.

  1. says

    Great stuff Andy.

    This is a very interesting community as it is built around a mindset rather than a topic niche. I look forward to seeing how it shapes up.

    Being a long-time dofollow user, I’ll submit my own blog.

    • says

      I think it has the potential to grow larger than the affiliate marketing community within a month, especially because so many of the affiliate marketing community have already been encouraged to go the dofollow route, and have seen benefits from it.

      Horizontal niches are often harder to target in conventional search engines, but in this case it is web 2.0 viral marketing.

    • says

      I hope people will find it useful.

      I just dropped you a message with the Bumpzee message system. Your blog has nofollow on the links, thus it can’t be accepted to the Dofollow community.

      Once you have taken care of the link, just drop me a note either here or on Bumpzee, and I can switch your site on.

      This doesn’t prevent you joining other suitable communities.

  2. says

    Hi Andy!
    I believe I’m the first Bumpzee, DoFollow….Chick in the group! So, boys…mind your manners ;-) JK. I’m honored to be around such charitable and kind professionals. I look forward to being a part of such experts in your own fields.

    I just logged into Bumpzee for the first time…looking forward to a good experience!

    As for writing a press release, please email me offline…I have a great opportunity that will benefit our community’s online exposure to be unveiled at the end of next week, K?

    BTW, since my target market are women entrepreneurs…I know I won’t be a lone-ranger for long :-)

    • says

      Trackbacks work flawlessly on WordPress, unless someone has hacked the code to make it harder.
      I know a few blogs that remove the automatic trackback discovery code, so that you have to add /trackback/ and actually enter a trackback URL into the box.

      The hardest blogs to trackback are running on Typepad and Moveable Type, as you have to copy a special trackback URL

  3. says

    Andy, when I follow your link to the Bumpzee DoFollow community, I get this message: “We’re sorry, the product or page you have reached is not available.”

    I have set up a Bumpzee account, but I can’t find the community that way either. When I checked on your profile, it claimed that the DoFollow community was “not active”. Suggestions?

    • says

      I have been so busy trying to fix some extremely buggy code I didn’t notice it go offline, and it didn’t send a notification.

      I have sent a message to admin, hopefully it will be sorted out quickly.

    • says

      Either management kicked it back to life, or my tinkering in the backend and manually adding your blog kicked it to life. You will still need to join the actual community.
      I managed to fix my CSS too so we are winning already today and I have some other good news to announce.

  4. says

    The Follow Me community is getting bigger and bigger. Since comment spam had to be filtered out by robots anyways, it only makes sense to let the comment links be followed.

  5. says

    I think that it is funny how concern people get about spam with this concept of do-follow. I think that there are always going to be issues with spam. It is more important to help the honest people than to hold them back by trying to stop the spammers. That is why you have askimet and other anti-spam plugins. I think that we should look at good opportunities to build on content and network. What have you noticed as far as your own benefits?

  6. says

    I’m going to go check out the Bumpzee Community too.
    I changed my blog to a do follow, but when I switched templates, the nofollow got put back in for a few weeks until I realized it! So it’s fixed now.
    Thanks for bringing Bumpzee to my attention.

  7. says


    Everybody loves links. Even the google bot, but it dies not like non- genuine links.

    For instance, some time ago, google had a controversy over following paid links.

    Now for a spider or a crawler to identify the paid links from non-paid is almost impossible.

    But in most CMS , including wordpress and blogspot, it is very easy to identify comments from content.

    do – follow may go void, if google thinks so.

    But still, it does good in the short term..

  8. says

    i totally agree that most people just joined these sites but after a short time they forget it and they are far ahead of these commuities.

    Commuties are graet way to communicate even in Bumpzee you can submit your blog to specific community and lots more feature.


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