Mike Sansone Cracks The Secret Code to Removing Nofollow From Typepad

For two years people have been struggling to remove Nofollow from Typepad so they can share the link love with their regular visitors who add great value to the conversation on the host blog.
Many blog owners are unaware that the links people leave on their blogs are shrouded with a “link condom” which tells the major search engines to ignore any links left that provide a benefit to the blog community.

First off I should note that Mike wasn’t totally alone in this effort. I believe Dawud may also have been exchanging emails and encouragement in the background, and certainly Dawud’s previous blog posts spurred Mike into action.

Mike Sansone is an expert not only on blogging, and community building, but also on Typepad.

If you use Typepad, find out How To Remove Nofollow From Typepad

Even if you don’t use Typepad, give Mike’s post a Digg, because that is the best way for Typepad bloggers to find out about this.

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  1. says

    Thanks for the shout Andy, but you hit the nail on the noggin’ – the thanks belongs to the community (and the conversations with Dawud).

    While catching up reading feeds, the conversations here and elsewhere compelled me to give it a shot. The community need compelled me, the conversation motivated me. It is I who am thankful (but I’m also kinda pinching myself too)

    • says

      If you like it, use it, and make sure you ping Scott. He is compiling a list of sites using it, and who knows, he might also add a list to the dontbeanidiot.org site eventually.

      I like it enough to give it a live link on each of my single pages, which is a huge sacrifice ;)

      Thanks for digging Mike’s post, he deserves to have his servers melted by digg traffic.

  2. says

    Hey Andy. Mike and I have been writing back and forth this morning (in the States) and we may still have some kinks to work out. I’m going to test his blog with some comments and look to see if I receive link backs. Let you know more when I do.

    • says

      Dawud I don’t think there is anything to worry about. Thing link noindex, nofollow in the meta are normally for private blogs, or for duplicate content pages.
      The same goes for any blocking with Robots.txt

      What is important is the links appearing on the permalink pages, and those look fine to me.