Bloggers Choice Award – Want More Votes? (group project)

Bloggers Choice AwardsI have spent some time today scrolling through the hundreds, neigh thousands of blogs that have so far been nominated for the Bloggers Choice Awards.

It is damn hard finding you!

I think one of the problems is that if you search for a domain name, it isn’t found, you have to search for the name of a blog, and hope for the best. It can be quite time consuming.

So I have decided this would make a superb group project (note this is not a meme but feel free to link through)


You are only allowed to list one blog. I know some people have 10 or more, but so everyone gets equal benefit from this group project, you are only allowed to list one.

In my last post about the Bloggers choice award, I mentioned how important it is to have focus, so if your blog has been nominated for multiple categories, now it is crunch time, and you have to make a strategic decision which category you wish to target.

In the comments either:-

  • Provide a link through to the voting page for your blog in the category of your choice


  • Provide a link to your blog, and the category you wish to target – this is for those people who are not yet nominated, or are not nominated yet for the category they wish to receive votes in.

If the blog is NSFW, then please make sure you indicate that

You must subscribe to the comments by email (and expect to receive quite a few emails)

This isn’t a post for lots of discussion, so each person should only make one comment, with the specific details requested.

If someone posts a site that they think hasn’t been nominated yet, I will double check, and if it is not nominated, I will nominate it myself (make sure it is appropriate for the category and is a real blog)

When the submitted blog becomes available on the Bloggers Choice Awards site (nominations are manually checked by the staff), I will make a comment to this post with the details and a link to the voting page.

You have to agree to the following:-

To take a look at all the blogs currently listed, and the updates that are sent to you by email

Yep that is it…

There is no guarantee of votes, but this is to enhance the opportunity of being voted for by my readers, and bring each site some traffic, and maybe new subscribers.
Subscribing to the comments on this blog is not subscribing to an email list, or for blog post notifications. I have a privacy policy and stick to it

Remember you must subscribe to the comments

This isn’t gaming the system, just making people aware of other blogs in my blog community. Only vote for blogs you like, but visit all of them.

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  1. says

    As a first year blogger, I am proud to have accomplished a lot [yes, writing about your life and making sure that the things you discover in your backyard and the internet is interesting enough to read, IS a LOT of hard work]. So my Maria Finds is nominated for the Best Blog Design at the Bloggers Choice Awards. I hope you’ll vote for me, because I am an amateur programmer who is able to figure out php scripts and edited almost everything in my template to suit my personality and my blog.

    Good luck to all the other blogger nominees!

  2. says

    There seems to be some bugs with the Subscribe to Comments plugin, which I have suspected for some time, but without making a post that encouraged everyone commenting to subscribe to the comments, it was impossible to really prove it.

    For some reason on 3 of the 10 people so far who have left a comment were registered as subscribed, which must be a bug, as Polliwog even sent me a message saying there was a problem.

    I have just manually added 7 people to the subscription for this post.

    For some reason the subscription label that normally appears next to a name to say you are subscribed isn’t appearing for the manually entered names.

    If after you leave a comment, you don’t see an envelope next to your name, please add your email address manually.

    Those who have left comments so far don’t need to do this, and hopefully the links in the emails you receive will allow you to unsubscribe in the future if you wish to do so. I can always fix this manually.

    Blogs Submitted so far (because you might not have received them)

    BenSaprk for Photography Blog of the Year

    Is Kay Freaky? Only you can decide

    Christine wants you to think of the kitties

    A Pile of Dog Bones really cares about cereal, and wants that Vlogger award bad!

    Deb is into health (aren’t we all?) and wants us to take a look at Body Mind & Solar

    Polliwog writes about all kinds of stuff, so wants to be looked on as the best jack of all trades.

    Is Sesame’s The Best Shopping Blog? Take a look and decide.

    Heather wants me to float her boat – that is a really suggestive incentive to take a look

    Maria has been nominated for best blog design – does her site look cool and inspire you?

    Archit wants to make you laugh – do you share a sense of humour?

    I will keep an eye on the subscriptions, and add a note for people to manually check that an image appears in future if they really want to be subscribed. I might also use a more understandable and visible graphic for it.

  3. says

    Andy, thanks for the explanation in three sentence! LOL.
    This is what I desperately wants to win but I guess I can forget about fighting with PerezHilton. Still, never mind…who knows, right?
    Most Obnoxious Blogger

    Which means the deal is I vote for everyone up there, right? And whatever comes in my email notification. Got it! Thanks for pulling this together!

  4. says


    Catherine and Lisa have now been nominated, though it takes a while for nominations to be accepted. I will post a links as soon as I can.

    I fixed Lisa’s link so it shows (the anchor link wasn’t closed)

    One post had some links removed. This list is all about focus.

    Elena might also consider placing just the nomination badge for the Religion category on her sidebar. It is actually below the link to blogs about stuff, and is getting less clicks. Also the links don’t do directly to the voting page, so they should be modified.

    I will post another update list later today as we get some more people added.

  5. says

    Ack! Had technical difficulties over the weekend and forgot to get back to this! The two gals above who are nominated for stuff are friends of mine. That’s what’s so tough about this kind of contest – so many great blogs! Still, with all due respect and a great deal of affection for Polli and Lisa, I AM STUFF! With posts about gardening and dogs, life in Hawaii, pest control, clutter, grilled cheese sandwiches and ukelele-playing aunties, how else could I be described? I am the very definition of stuff and seek your support in proving my superiority to all. I not-so-humbly ask for your support through your vote for me for best blog about stuff:

  6. Your_Relevant says

    Hi, My Name is Phil and I run a blog called Your_Relevant. We complete blog reviews for our site. We choose at random but we usually take requests. We are up for best blogger about blogging and we could sure use your help. We will be voting to help out everyone in here as well. Thank you for your time.

  7. says

    Any idea how to update your Bloggers Choice Award screenshot? I recently updated my template, but my old site is represented in the screenshot. Is there a way to update that?