Vlad Ripped Me Apart

Well more to the point, he asked me some damn tough questions that made me think for more than 5 minutes before answering them. Actually I spent quite some time on the reply, and it wasn’t as straight forward as I was expecting.

Here are the questions:-

Andy, congratulations on starting “No nollow, I follow, Dofollow BumpZee! Community”. To start off I would like to ask you what are the requirements/limitations for a blogger/blog to be accepted or rejected?

I have read in one of your posts that you call your dad a “computer evangelist”. If I may, I will call you “nonofollow evangelist”. As such do you wish that every single blogger out there would take down “nofollow” from the links in comments ad trackbacks?

Let say my blog ranks on Google at PR 8 but I like your idea to get rid of “nofollow”. Should I exercise caution doing that? I am sure the good folks at Google may see it strange that my site all of a sudden begins to give credit to so many links. What would you recommend to some one like that?

I guarantee there is no way you can guess the answers I gave, and it is also unique content I will not be publishing on this blog, so if you want to know the answers to any of these questions, you will have to read it there.

Vlads Affiliate Interviews

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    I’d love to see some-one asking you about getting 700+ readers by feed. More than that I’d …um… not kill but erm… “suck up” any ammount to see the Andy Beard how to on this topic.

    • says

      My subscribers are targeted – if I write it it will be something like “How to get 1000 highly targeted readers for your blog without being Dugg”
      This blog is 6 months old now, so it isn’t really high numbers for the niche, especially compared to other blogs of similar age.
      I do gain a fair amount of traffic from Stumbleupon once in a while which is cool, and I have found it easier to build up relationships with SU users.

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    Hey Matt I was thinking something along the same lines. Then I thought that the interview format that Vlad was using was very informative, short form, to the point. Of course 3questions.com is being used by keyword firm, and Ed Batista is pointing threequestions.com to his blog where he interviews others in the 3 question format. Go figure!

    I’ve posted some questions to Andy over at Vlad’s site if anyone is interested.

    Go Boldly!