Portal Feeder 2.0 Example Site (Not a Review)

A month or so back I was attempting to arrange some kind of head-to-head comparison between Portal Feeder 2.0, one of their competitors, and what you can do with WordPress and some free or relatively cheap plugins.

It type of fell through, partially my fault because I didn’t keep following up or chasing for alternative ways of handling it.

In the end I think a lot of the differences came down to philosophy or the possibility that somehow it would be comparing apples to oranges to pears, though I am not going to suggest any of the systems would be “pear shaped”.

I was mainly interested in the SEO aspects of the sites created, and not interested in the backend solutions for providing content.

Over the last few weeks I have been seeing a fair amount of traffic from people searchng for information on Portal Feeder, and they have been landing on old content, most of it 15 months old, and some of it a good 6 or 7 months old.

Thus I thought it was important, even if I didn’t write a full review, to write something.

First of all, here is a link to the Portal Feeder sales page (not an affiliate link)

Portal Feeder Example Site

One of the things people are searching for is a current, Portal Feeder 2.0 site.


This site is described in their sales letter as a test site used for training, thus it might not currently use every possible feature.

Here are a few other sites that seem like they are Portal Feeder sites, found being linked from the first. They might not be PF 2.0, and they might not be created by Jason Katzenback






Site Review gpstrackingdevice.net

What we have here is a static HTML site, that is grown using the Portal Feeder backend, with a WordPress blog bolted on the side.

Portal Feeder in the past generated sitemaps for the static site, but as the blog isn’t integrated with Portal Feeder, they are now using an open source desktop application, GSiteCrawler. Edit: Jason Katzenback has responded in the comments that this was overlooked – the sitemap was created when he was testing out GSiteCrawler.

The static site does still have a RSS feed, well at least a sub-standard one.
No categories, no tagging, very small snippets – certainly not something people would really subscribe to.

Categories were actually possible with the 15 month old system, you would just have to use some very creative templates and treat each category as a separate site – that would have been a major pain.

There isn’t much in the way of interlinking between content. The old system allowed you to tag content with keywords that thus described a relationship between different articles, but the actual links is still using snippets.

One thing that is really important with RSS is autodiscovery, and it seems Portal Feeder doesn’t create the correct code in the headers for auto-discovery. That is the orange icon that appears in your navigation bar, to signify that there is an RSS feed.

With generators or semi-automated site development tools, people are always worried about footprints. I am not, because at the end of the day WordPress normally has one hell of a big footprint, and that doesn’t matter.

When I am creating niche sites, I am looking for ways I can link between content creatively, or categorise content in unique ways, and thus give the content more value to an end user and thus a search engine.

The blog is just a standard WordPress blog with a datafeed. They should definitely take a look at the RSS feeds because it is a bit risky including your Adsense code in your RSS. Most plugins don’t include Adsense in RSS feeds.

Is This Really a Portal Feeder 2.0 Site?

I honestly hope it isn’t.

I hope they have gone over to a purely WordPress based backend, but somehow I doubt it. One of the biggest selling points of Portal Feeder was that you didn’t need a database, it was all static. They are already using a WordPress blog, they should use it for everything, and have everything highly interconnected.

This Isn’t a Review

For a full review I would go into a lot more detail, and have hands-on – one thing is certain is that the guarantee on Portal Feeder is good. 14 months ago I didn’t have the patience to wait for the software to be brought up to where I wanted to be at, and the refund request I made was handled very promptly.
The forums then were highly active, so I am sure they are now as well. Lots of the bonuses were quite good as well, I remember quite liking the keyword / niche research tool.

If you are starting from scratch, and have relatively little knowledge, this might be a good introduction, and if you used their formula building sites, and followed the training, you would certainly make some money.

If you have some experience, and can bend WordPress to your will, Portal Feeder based upon these example sites isn’t going to offer anything new as far as the base platform is concerned.

If any of the Portal Feeder Team want to show me a better example I would be happy to add to this review.

Yep free information, no attempt to sell you this product, the least you could do is subscribe – all you receive is the contents of this blog

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  1. says

    I’ve just read their sales letter today (not to subscribe, but simply because I am working on my copywriting skills…), and I really love their sales letter.

    The new (and the old one with Capon and Eliot Ness, awesome story).

    Thanks for the “not a review”.

    What do you think about their sales letter?

    • says

      It is very hard for me to judge.
      The old saying “Once burnt, twice shy” applies, but not in the sense that I lost any money. The original sales letter made me curious, and because there was the potential to make some significant conversions if I was able to provide the information people were looking for, I invested a huge amount of time over a couple of days in trying to review it.

      This time around I wasn’t willing to invest a lot of time into it unless I could do some kind of head-to-head, because the social proof aspect doesn’t work on someone like me for a second bite at the cherry.

      Honestly they don’t need a huge push to sell the slots. This is 15 months later, and their promotion partners have 3x the number of email subscribers.

      It is interesting that this launch is timed along-side a fresh launch of Stompernet, making Portal Feeder the cheaper alternative.

      Also interesting there are people promoting Portal Feeder a second time around, who were claiming first time around that the system was great, and that they were going to use it. Second time around they are being shown the new features. If they had continued to use Portal Feeder after the last launch, they wouldn’t need to be shown the new features.

      The new addition to the sales letter for me was an improvement. It took me abut 5 minutes to track down the example site, they might as well have just provided a link.

      I have seen criticism that the sales letter doesn’t have a lot of known faces for the testimonials, yet in the past I have seen people criticise the fact that testimonials can’t be genuine because they are the “usual suspects”. You can’t win without overwhelming proof.

      They are not using much audio / visual aids compared to Stompernet, and there is a lot less social proof.

      Thus an understated relaunch, not being heavily promoted because of the Stompernet launch, thus the actual users of the system have more chance of promoting it. In some ways that is a good thing.

      I am not the target audience, and as with anything, you have to use the product to make money, it doesn’t make money for you.

  2. says

    Andy, we were not trying to hide anything with the example site… never even thought we were trying to hide anything… we gave you the exact keywords and picture of the site.. did not think it was something to be trying to hide :)

    That site was probably not the best example to use but because it was a training site for different components we thought we would use it. That site is just a testing site.. and the sitemap on it was me testing out the free sitemap software that was recommended because of the format it uses. I put it up there just to look at what the sitemap would look like. I actually forgot I did that and should turn back on the pf sitemap.. my bad.

    As for why i have a blog on the site.. was because PF allows you to feed blags and portals and even feed your blog a snippet from your portal. I am not sure what you are referencing about the database???

    I would love to give you a free membership… i offered this before and you never got back to me. I want you to take a real look around.. i read your blog alot and respect your view on things :)

    If you want to talk to someone who is well known and uses PortalFeeder and loves it, talk to Jerry West. I showed him in the doors two months ago and he is a constant user now. PF2 is not what you think and I want to show you :)

    You have my email, please email me so we can talk :)

    • says

      Hi Jason

      I have made a correction on the sitemap.

      I did emphasise a few times that the site was a training site and might not be full featured.

      Database: From memory PF was meant to have its own blogging platform rather than WordPress. If you are using WordPress for the blogs, you might as well use it for the whole site.

      I wanted to have something fresher available, as people searching for PF information were landing all over the place on my site, and one of the main things they were looking for was an example, even though there was the information on the sales page. Maybe you should have just used a link, though then you wouldn’t have the social proof angle of them actually finding the sites at that position in the serps.

      I will drop you an email regarding the rest. My rarest resource is time, though I spend time on things related to this blog because it helps meet long term goals.

  3. says

    Thanks for fixing the post :) I think it is wonderful that you watch what your traffic says and act accordingly. SO often people just do keyword research with a tool and nothing else. By watching your site for what the people visiting are actually looking for is very powerful… did I mention that I read your blog alot and respect your view on things :)

    Let me also say that I 100% understand about the time issue. If only we could occasionally stop time :)

    One thing I meant to say earlier is those site your are referencing are NOT mine and they look like old pf newbie sites. One thing we do believe in is to just start building your site(s) and learn from yoru mistakes. If you get stuck in analysis paralysis then you will go no where. You can not be a perfectionist, especially when starting out.

    I always do hate sharing sites however, and the reason is someone will always be able to punch a hole through something. Oh, you have some supplemental results, there is spelling mistakes, your rankings dropped… the list goes on and on… and on.

    As for the blogging platform, I am sorry but that is a misunderstanding and I am not sure how that came across but regardless it is. One of the advantages of Portalfeeder is being able to manage multiple sites and blogs. It does use word press for the blogging tool but what it does is manage that content to it. It however does more then just that… you can first of all easily have datafeeds, products, articles and rss feeds posted to the blog in absolutely any format you want on the blog. You can also have portalfeeder post content to your site and then post a snippet (as much of the article as you want) with a commentary to the blog at the same time linked to your article. This however is just touching the surface of what the software alone does.

    As for saying you may as well just use a log, I disagree… but it is just my preference. I use blogs, I use portals, I use portals and blogs all mixed together.

    The whole idea of the software alone is to allow you to have total control from one single location.

    I want to stress also that PortalFeeder is more then just the software that we are talking about. It is also incredibly powerful promotion tools (I am biased though) and top notch SEO and SEM training plus we network together to help one another in a big mastermind.

    Anyway, thanks for letting me speak :)

    PS – I just noticed you said Jason Potash, actually this is Jason Potash’s business partner with PF Jason Katzenback

  4. Jason Green says

    Hi Andy,

    I noticed that you are one of the few sites out there that has discussed Portal Feeder.

    The example given isn’t really that relevant to measuring what Portal Feeder is about. It’s kind of like measuring how good wordpress is based on the sample of one site.

    The PF software (and there is more to portal feeder than just the software) is just a content management system, that is more user friendly than most. It can be used on its own or in conjunction with other tools and software – it integrates well with WordPress (that’s how I use it).

    Since I’m an member of Portal Feeder you might be interested in reading my lengthy Portal Feeder Review[edited] Crappy Affiliate Presales Page with scraped article headers that were not linked[/edited].

  5. says

    Just wanted to follow up as you stated that my Portal Feeder Review is a “Crappy Affiliate Presales Page”.

    Yes I am an affiliate (and a member) of Portal Feeder but the review is completely honest and spans 8 pages and offers insider info of what PF offers. I think maybe you missed the other pages of the review.

    I do cover what I consider to be the negative aspects of Portal Feeder:

    While the review is largely positive that’s because I’m a paying member and extremely happy there, so I genuinely have mostly good things to say about the site – otherwise why would I be paying to stay a member.

    I am always honest in my reviews and discussions of products – whether I am an affiliate or not an affiliate.

    I was a member of jobcrusher.com – but I did drop out of that site because it just didn’t meet my needs compared to PF.

    If you would like to learn more about Portal Feeder from someone who has actually experienced it – then please take a look at all 8 posts of my Portal Feeder review.

    I honestly think you’d be interested in the different things that Portal Feeder offers – and next time you discuss PF you’ll have a better idea of what goes on there and it will help you educate your readers about whether it is actually worth joining or not.

    Kindest Regards

    Jason Green

    • says

      Jason I get affiliates coming here to drop links to their “reviews” on a daily basis, because I rank highly for any product I review without even trying.

      I was a paying subscriber to Portal Feeder when it first launched. I haven’t seen anything dramatically different since then.

      What I tend to do is delete links to every affiliate review for a product that is link dropped here, other than 2 exceptions.

      1. It has to be amazing content, giving so much information that it counteracts my arguements.
      2. Decent content that links through to me with a trackback – that is a fair situation where as I use Dofollow, they get a link back.
      That is giving people a second opinion.

      In fact in this case I haven’t really given much of an opinion because I don’t know what has really changed.

      The problem is your review doesn’t give me enough information to see if anything has changed, so I am afraid it is too thin to keep a link.

      It is a typical 4.5/5 review where the only negative isn’t very major.

      I assure you that if I had the time to take up Jason’s previous offer, I would find things I would still change.

      That doesn’t mean that Portal Feeder is a bad product, or hasn’t got a target audience who wouldn’t get immense value from it, but it isn’t the kind of product that the majority of my own target audience is looking for.

      If your review doesn’t offer substantially much more than a sales page, I am not going to link to it.

      I also appreciate that your hands are tied, because Portal Feeder at least the last time I looked has an NDA, so you can’t review it effectively.

  6. says

    Oh, and in addition, when I first read your review, the following titles were not hyperlinked

    * PortalFeeder v2.0 Review | Website Building Software & Plugins
    * Portal Feeder 2 Promotional Tools | Permanent Link Building & Blog Power
    * Portalfeeder.com Promotional Training | Amazing Results – Blog Automation & Social Marketing
    * Portal Feeder Bonus & My Main Beef with PortalFeeder
    * Portal Feeder Videos | PortalFeeder Training from Jason Potash, Jason Katzenback, Marc Quarles and more…
    * Portal Feeder Support Team
    * Portal Feeder Examples of Success

    I have read through, it is still not enough to interest me.

  7. says

    Hey Andy,

    Thanks for replying and giving your verdict :)

    I didn’t really leave a comment to try and persuade you or your readers to join PF – just to give an additional insight of some of the things that people can expect inside PF.

    Since many people will find there way here looking for more info on PF – my review does offer a lot of additional info.

    I’ve been in PF for about 6 months and it has evolved during that time. The main things that interested me was the big extension to the blog network and a piece of training on utilizing community sites to build traffic, links and exposure (its not just the case of submitting your sites to 80 social bookmarking sites).

    Looking at what PF had before I joined I probably wouldn’t have stayed a member either, but the changes in the past 6 months made it worthwhile for me.

    I appreciate that the review I gave does not go into huge detail on some aspects but there’s two main reasons for that:
    – It would take forever to cover everything in full detail.
    – I can’t really give away some of the marketing tactics/techniques that we use as it’s a private club.

  8. says

    Hi Andy,

    Just read your post with great interest, as I am a very active member of Portal Feeder since it launched in December 2005, and I actually build Portal Sites (not WordPress blogs) on a regular basis using the Portal Feeder 2.0 application.

    Here are a few sites I’ve built strictly using PF2.0:

    Business Startup Articles
    Travel Tips
    Parenting Info

    I’m not an SEO expert or a web designer. I basically built a generic “blueprint” HTML template, created custom tokens for all the templates and then developed a documented system that allows me to build a new site each week using my templates, tokens and Portal Feeder V2.0

    I welcome your feedback and your opinion.


  9. says


    Very interesting thoughts on Portal Feeder 2.0, I was thinking of joining, but its very expensive.

    Plus what I see from the sales letter the doors are closing tomorrow(sales ploy i dont know).

    One thing I did read there though was the mentoring, this is a great idea, and could help get me or someone new started.

    Thats one thing I found out when i joined another membership site, I have been in it for 3 weeks and haven’t really used it yet.

    There are so many new membership sites popping up, and web flipping too, all out there to entice us.