Portal Feeder vs StomperNet

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I am sure people’s mailboxes are full of emails with various people promoting these two communities, which are going head-to-head with their launches. Feature wise they are probably only similar in the fact that both provide a backend community for advice and training, but I am not going to compare feature sets.

Comparing The Buzz

For some time I have had reasonable well ranking pages for both Stompernet and Portal Feeder.

I had written about Portal Feeder when it was first launched, in fact probably more than anyone else, back in 2005. Whilst that content was on my old blogspot account, that blog is being redirected here, and all the content is housed on this domain.

I have also written a couple of times about Stompernet, though I have never seen the service from the inside.

Up until a couple of days ago, I hadn’t written anything new about either service, so it is interesting comparing the traffic I have coming in for both.

Portal Feeder vs StomperNet – Which Is Getting Most Traffic?

This isn’t going to be a strict comparrison, because I am not looking directly at the direct traffic to each site, either from the blogs of promotion partners, or from email marketing. That will obviously be the largest amount of traffic, and a lot of people will make purchases based on direct recommendation and the materials provided.

Some people however search for more information, and will use a variety of search terms.

As an example, I currently rank well for “Stomper Net” and not so well for “Stompernet”, and that shows in the search results.
I also wasn’t ranking well for many direct Portal Feeder references, it was mainly long tail searches, and I also gained a fair amount of traffic from people following links from old forum posts in various places.

Portal Feeder will effectively be closed by the time Stomper Net opens, though there is a lot of overlap in the promotions.

Anyway here is some interesting data FWIW

Portal Feeder Visitors April 1st 2007 – Present

Portal Feeder Visitors

StomperNet Visitors April 1st 2007 – Present

(note I mainly rank highly for Stomper Net)


Portal Feeder vs StomperNet Traffic Analysis

If I had tried to rank for these products / services / training I would be getting a lot more traffic, it was interesting monitoring traffic on older content that hadn’t really been linked to internally.
I did post a Portal Feeder update a few days ago which did give traffic a boost. One of the most interesting things were the long tail keywords some people were using.

Where is the SERPs Competition?

Both of these services promote having great SEO training.

Whilst most of the members are probably not making sites in the Internet Marketing niche, I am sure a few of them are, and would have done something for the free SEO traffic. These numbers above are absolutely nothing compared to a 1st position result for the primary keywords.
I know that the most sales will come from the big list owning bonus waving gurus (in the case of many that is used as a compliment)

What are the real traffic numbers being driven to these sites by affiliates using email?

At time of writing Stompernet is hovering around 1K on Alexa, though I think that will keep raising for a few days, or at least maintain that level.

Portal Feeder is later in the promotion cycle, and has had a few peaks under 2K, in fact the week average is around 1800 on Alexa.

There is a lot of interest for both services.

I would say that people taking a look at Portal Feeder should take a look at StomperNet, and people looking at StomperNet should look at Portal Feeder.

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