Liz Got Me, Or Did I Get Liz?

With so many good bloggers out there helping people, I actually have no idea how Liz decides who to award “Successful and Outstanding Blogger” badges to. I certainly couldn’t among my readers.

I can’t claim to be an active member of her blog community either, even though I have been subscribed to her feed for a while. There is a limit to how many conversations you can keep running at the same time, and whilst you might read someone’s blog, there is that time restraint barrier.

I also tend not to comment on blogs unless I can offer some level of expertise in helping solve a problem, or give a different perspective.

I Almost Missed It!

I am serious about this, and I am not sure of the solution – In Technorati every day I currently wade through about 6 to 10 pages of links. I have not idea how the more busy blogs cope.
I do try to follow up on every trackback, but that doesn’t help with links to my TLD (Top Level Domain).

Yep, I am a S.O.B

Now the hardest thing for me to decide was which colour badge I wanted to use.

I almost went for the aqua or purple

SOB AquaSOB purple

I was a little cheeky and asked Liz if she has one in Black & White, and she emailed one to me.

Black & White SOB

It will add a little bit more social proof to the sidebar

Meme Overload | Meme Efficiency

Even someone as highly organised as Liz seems to struggle keeping up with the memes she is tagged with, and being so popular I am sure she is tagged a lot more often than I am.

I am well behind on the memes I am tagged with, probably enough for the next month.

Something Liz has come up with is a bit of a time saver, it is just a standard way to link back to the person who tagged you and to show that a post is part of a meme.

It saves you making your own graphic.

Introducing Bloggy Tag

Well it might be a bit of a late introduction if you have already read about Bloggy tag.

Bloggy Tag
That logo works for me, I can stick it on a post and just pump out answers rather than a long winded intro and just quickly tag people at the end.
SOBCon 07
As this is very much a Lizzy post, I suppose I should also mention that SOBcon07 is little over a week away for anyone interested in attending who needs a gentle reminder.
I will not be attending, but I knows a fair number of my regular readers are going to be speaking there.

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  1. says

    Hi Andy,
    Let’s see whether this helps any. People who add to the conversation in a positive way are SOBs. The other qualification is that they need to have been blogging long enough to prove they aren’t just enthusiastic beginners.

    Anyone can nominamte any blog including their own blog. I do look for folks who are relational and who can communicate. Yes it’s possible to have an ugly template and be an SOB. An SOB is a state of mind, an ability to learn and grow, and a care for other people in how we communicate. I find plenty of people. Plenty of people find me too.

    I tried more than one button on my writing blog . . . the purple button got the most attention.

    Thank you for all of the noise about me and all of the link love. I read your blog and enjoy your take on things. It’s often different than mine — like whose isn’t? — and that makes me reconsider my world view, which is a fun thing.

    Thank you, Andy.

    • says

      I have one idea that might make a useful addition to your SOBkit.

      If you took all the feed URLs for your SOBs, and uploaded onto a server somewhere as an OPML, you could then get Megite to create a custom SOB memetracker.

      That would provide you with a powerful tool to show who your current SOBs are linking to.

      I had actually read the criteria a couple of times, but there is still a decision process.