Do Google Hate Paid Links, Duplicate Content and Cruft?

Eric Enge Interviews Adam Lasnik about paid links, duplicate content and crufty pages (lots of code, little content)


I am sorry to say not a lot, it reinforces Google’s position not to really say a lot, though apparently there is no real penalty for duplicate content, and not to worry about how pagerank flows in your site.

So if you ended up with some of your internal pages PR5, and your home page PR2, don’t worry, you won’t have a problem selling extremely below market price text links… cough

About the reporting of paid links Adam had this to say:-

One of the most important points to make of this is that this is used to augment our data, and it’s not used to specifically take actions against sites.

.. plus quite a bit more about how this is really just to “augment” existing data.

On snitching…

But, on the reassuring side, we’ve had some people voice concerns “what happens if my competitor decides to report my pages, even though they are completely following the webmaster guidelines. Is some action going to be taken?” The answer to that is definitively not, because this does not lead directly into an action pipeline, but rather it is used only for review. It is not going to directly or adversely affect any pages or sites that are following the webmaster guidelines.

I did leave a comment and have exchanged emails with Eric over something related. We will see if what I have discovered is related or just a bug.

I did give Eric’s interview a Digg, as it is very suitable for a home page. It is not really SEO, but “Google” after all.

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Go on, give it one, I need to get my Digg account a little more credible, and that helps you too.

Read the full interview with Google’s Adam Lasnik

Update: The Paid Link Meme

I thought I would add this as some counter-perspective on Adam Lasnik’s position, and that of Matt Cutts and Google in regards to paid links.
They have always argued that paid links are always detectable. Graywolf blew that theory apart.

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  1. says

    I realised some time back that its quite useful to read the likes of Adam and his guvnor Matt, in a ready betweeny the linesy kinda way. Look for what they don’t say, look at what they choose to ignore and the way in which they ignore it, it really can be quite enlightening.

    • says

      How do you read between the lines when they are a scrawled mess with no real coherent horizon.. as in none of them are vertical or horizontal?

  2. says

    Hah! granted, and fair comment… but they (well Matt at least) weren’t always as obfuscacious as today – at least not in the earlier GoogleGuy WMW world days, believe it or not you could then actually see through some of that smoke and gain a little insight, well at least thats what my perception told me. :D

    I’m reminded of psychometry. There is one test that is pretty standard, which most people fail/pass with flying colours. It asks all manner of questions that are seemingly random yet designed to test a certain aspect of personality. Once the test is complete it is revealed that it is a test for honesty or at least an ability to be frank and candid with questions that relate to everyday events and interactions. One such question is about being on a public train and seeing a surly looking young 20 year old smoking a cigarette. Most people tick the ‘I’d ask him to put it out box’ the reality is in life very few people would.

    What does this have to do with Spin and PR? Not a great deal I guess, was trying to illustrate that by digging a little deeper and seeing a person in their broader context, weighing up what they say to one thing against another, then you do eventually get a feel.If Obfuscation attempt == ‘x’ then whatever is left might be an alternative answer/solution. Matt’s been pretty consistant year in year out, but has slipped occassionaly, without even realising I reckon. Specifics? nah – can’t recall, pure opinion, recollection gut feeling.

    Just to be clear here, obfuscation and lies are of course two different things, wouldn’t want to suggest that they are a pair of lying so and so’s.

    It’s just PR and spin management these days, which is a little sad for us, yet to be expected too, take that supp thing, how could they possibly say anything else, lawyers would have a field day.

    Anyone who expects anything else is straw clutching and expecting a golden goose to give up its golden eggs.

  3. says

    Googdluck listiing to anything useful that similing MiniMe says to you..

    He just hangs spaghetti on your years and calls it tough love…

    Evil paid links, evil link exchange, PR pixels on the way out…

    What is next to come? Will we need to be certified by Google to reregester our domain in the future?