Best WordPress Plugins (April 2007) | Poll

I have opened up the voting for the second round of my cash giveaway for WordPress plugin authors.
Nominations for the Best WordPress Plugin each month are made by my readers, and half my income from paid reviews is given away as donations to help support development costs of the best WordPress plugins.

Donations are going to be made (if possible) in large chunks of $100

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Voting will be open until sometime during the morning of Friday 4th May (EST) – hopefully that will give the winner some nice additional beer money for the weekend.

Earnings to date for paid reviews: $30 + $75 + $98 + $130 = $333

The one review I did during April was for iBegin Source Business Information, so they are effectively sponsoring this round of donations.

I am covering the shortfall this time around as I know I have 2 reviews in the kitty to do this week.

That means the second giveaway will be for $100 this Friday

This is a great opportunity for advertisers, and people looking for in-depth feedback on their products. or services. Reviews are typically 2000 to 3000 words. Reviews gain additional longevity and the companies supporting WordPress development through my reviews gain additional status for their contributions.
More details can be found on the Nominations for the Best WordPress Plugins page

As discussed in the comments of the previous poll, I am carrying forward half the value of votes from the previous round, rounded up, so that votes from the previous round are not looked on as wasted votes, but still giving new plugins a chance.

For new nominations, please refer to the Best WordPress Plugins nominations page.

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