Results: Top WordPress Plugins (April 2007)

It is hard work giving money away, and it seems it is hard work voting for which WordPress plugin author should receive $100.

Whilst it might appear that there was an increase of votes this time around, with 29 votes instead of 24, that doesn’t allow for the fact that 8 votes were added as a bonus. Thus there were only 21 fresh votes.

Again at least there were no rigged votes.

Here is the voting:-

Plugin # of Votes
Spam Karma 5
Dofollow 12
Bad Behaviour 6
SEO Title Tag 5
Image Manager 1

The clear winner was Dofollow

I will be continuing the practice of carrying forward half the value of votes through to the next round.

I am looking for more nominations for Best WordPress Plugin, and hopefully next time round we will see more voting.

Proof of $100 Donation:-

Amount: $100.00 USD
Transaction ID: 81Y43496U4479182L
Subject: Donation For Top WordPress Plugins - Dofollow (April 2007)
This is a donation for Dofollow, which was both nominated 
by my readers and subsequently voted for by my readers 
as a Top WordPress Plugin.

I have more reviews to do, so there will definitely be at least one donation being made this month, possibly two if I get a couple more reviews.

While Matt focuses on the negative side of paid posts, I like to focus on the positive side, writing quality content that adds real value for my readers, and then donating the proceeds to WordPress plugin authors.
I wonder what percentage of WordPress theme and plugin authors sell links from their website, and how that compares to the amount of money they earn from donations?
When Robert Scoble announced that he was no longer going to speak at PostieCon, it gained a number of blog reactions, and even Michael Arrington from Techcrunch found time to leave a comment.

It is a shame simple solutions to disclosure which is the real issue with paid reviews don’t get coverage, such as adding a disclosure feed flare or my Disclosure Policy Plugin.

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  1. says

    PayPerPost has their place in the blogosphere and it is unfortunate to hear when they are given grief. People monetize their blogs in so many ways — personally, I do not like flash ads, but I can understand a blogger choosing whatever form of advertising works for them.

    BTW, my selection for a WordPress plug-in winner is in my link. I explained on my blog today how helpful that plug-in has been for me.

    • says

      At least it will eventually be fairly easy to move away from Blogspot, once WP2.2 is released.

      I don’t publish full earnings, and it is hard to say what classes as blogging and what classes as earning from blogging.
      I noticed some of the figures you published were from monthly checks, and lots of people publishing earnings don’t publish costs. That is creative accounting for marketing purposes.

  2. says

    I was too busy and forgot to vote this round (sorry, Andy!) but I would definitely have gone for SEO Title Tag … I love that WordPress plugin so much.. :)

  3. says

    I think is time for me to move into DoFollow, tomorrow I’ll add the plugin, but makes sense to have also top commentators?

    • says

      If you have top commentators, I would strongly suggest only having it on your front page (use if is_home() ), or if it is on internal pages make them a nofollow link.

  4. says

    I have to admit that there are a few must-have plugins that are my favorites. I actually also use all the plugins on your list from time to time, depending on the blog that I have.

    But, when these are the basic ones that I just must have:
    – “trackback validator”, which automatically validates trackbacks to see if there’s actually a link to your post.
    – “did you pass math”, which adds a math question to the form for comments. Really helps with comment spam.

  5. says

    just found this blog site and I love it. Thanks! I am new to bloggin seriously and learning. Pluggins are fun but this page is a big help in finding those that are truly needed.