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I am not an SEO consultant, and whilst I am frequently emailed about whether I would be interested in doing some SEO consultancy, speciifically in relation to blogs, I generally turn it down.
This is actually a paid review, but lets look on it as “Paid Blog Tipping”.
Blog tipping is actually a meme that has been going on for some time, at the start of the month, and the general idea is to point out some blogs and say what they are doing right, and maybe offer some kind of tip for improvement.

This isn’t blog tipping as such, because:-

1. I am being paid to do it
2. It is not the start of the month

That doesn’t however mean that the blog I am referring my readers to isn’t any good. In fact I have over the last few days spent a fair amount of time reading the content before writing this review, because I wanted to be sure that I was pointing you in the direction of quality information.

Shimon Sandler is a SEO Consultant – I am not his customer thus it is impossible for me to state whether he is a good SEO consultant or a bad one, other than reading his blog.

What impresses me is that he spells out exactly what he does, provides a detailed list of the things he looks to improve, which is certainly comprehensive, and he publishes his rates which based on my limited knowledge of the SEO Consultancy industry, seem to be very competitive indeed.

He has built up a fairly solid readership of over 600 readers subscribed to his RSS feed, though I have a feeling adding email subscriptions would have taken that to over 800.

You will see on his about page that he has worked with some fairly high profile clients in the past, so I expect he would be capable of handling most jobs, big or small.

The other thing I like about Shimon’s blog is that it seems to be pure information, rather than chatter about the next conference he might be attending or speaking at, or content intended to be linkbait without much substance.

You don’t need to buy a book on SEO, you could just start in Shimon’s archives and work your way through his content.

I think he probably needs to do a little more work on his SEO Basics category, or maybe move more content into it.
Actually to get the most from Shimon’s blog, you need to dig deep into his SEO category.

Shimon definitely knows a thing or two about link building, and also covers things like landing pages.

Whilst he isn’t advertising this as a service, I am sure he would be a good candidate to do a series of articles discussing ways to maximise the return from social media traffic.
There is currently a huge amount of information on how to game sites like Digg, and linkbaiting, but very little on how to convert that traffic in other ways, such as converting it to subscribers.

I would also like to see more articles, and longer articles, maybe using a related posts plugin to guide me (and the search engines) deeper into his content.

From what I have seen on his blog, Shimon has very broad knowledge of many aspects of online marketing, and depth where it counts.

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