How Rich Taught A Masseuse A Thing Or Two

Rich actually titled his recent post “Why most Folks Die Without A Happy Ending” which in some ways defines the goal of his content, to solve that problem.

Strategic Planning Isn’t The Same As Productivity

GP had been working seven days a week for the past 6 months with no days off and no vacations. At first I thought I had misheard her, but I hadn’t. Six massages a day, day in and day out, for over 180 days straight.

Rich also offers some thoughts on retirement which for most people will never happen.

Whilst it seems there is a constant trend to concentrate on getting more things done within your working day, Rich concentrates on something much more fundamental, managing your business strategically such that you have a lot less that you have to do each day.

Increased productivity would allow the masseuse to do 7 massages per day instead of six. That would probably bring him/her closer to a sick bed than comfortable retirement.

Also I highly suggest to take a look inside Rich’s profit vault

A subtle hint for my regular readers, Rich’s blog is “friendly”, so it is well worth reading the article and leaving a comment on one of the highest traffic blogs in marketing.

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  1. says

    Two questions:
    1) How does this have anything to do with niche marketing? I don’t mean to say that in an insulting way, but I came here hoping to read about an interesting topic, being a marketing guy myself, and this seems just random…
    2) Does the disclosure mean that was a paid post? Or just letting people know you write paid posts in general?

    • says

      You do SEO consultancy, that is an out-sourced function that the owner of a successful internet business shouldn’t be doing himself. Some companies also hire internal consultants.
      I have promoted Rich’s videos in the past, and the profit vault ultimately might earn me a commission but when I first reviewed the contents (just follow the tag for Rich Schefren) I had actually spent a number of hours watching his videos and learned an awful lot.

      I use out-sourcing for my business. It is very rare for a situation like Plenty of Fish for a single person to be able to create million dollar businesses.

      Are you interested in niche marketing as a business or a hobby?

      Have a look at what one of my readers is doing – out-sourced 5 employees, trained them, and now is selling their services with limited management and marketing time.

      That is how businesses are made rather than jobs.

      My disclosure is at the bottom of everything I write, because everything has some form of commercial message, though I can’t disclose my future plans, though I have given lots of hints.
      I don’t disclose affiliate links specifically, as stated in my disclosure policy.

      I actually think I handle disclosure in many ways better than 95%+ of bloggers who blog commercially.

      Now if you want to be really specific about why I might send Rich some traffic, I noticed a few weeks ago he added me to his blogroll, or one of his employees did.
      I have never had 2-way contact with Rich, though I am on his mailing list.
      I think Rich’s free material is very good, both on his blog and that which is provided in the vault which is free.

      If you still don’t think this is relevant to Niche Marketing, I strongly suggest you watch the videos. They might turn your whole business perspective inside-out.

  2. Dwain says

    Hi Andy,

    I added you to the blog roll… because you follow the spirit of giving quality free information.

    I have been a faithful reader your blog for a while, and a large number of our readers have blogs, are niche marketers and affiliates. I have had very positive feedback by the addition of the link to your blog.

    Keep up the good work, and thanks for noticing Rich’s.

    Take care,