Bidvertiser Review

This is a paid review for Bidvertiser, which is something highly relevant to my blog and my audience. Bidvertiser have however asked to have any links to them with a nofollow, even though I would be quite happy to give them an editorial link. They are paying for my time, not the links. I actually respect them for requesting this, although it is a shame they felt the need with the current climate.

Bidvertiser have recently revamped their website and now have a blog where you can find out fresh information about their service.
Now for some reason they also have “noindex, nofollow” on all their individual permalink pages which I can’t understand. That means only the front page of the blog will get indexed.

It does however have some useful information, such as their reduced requirements to earn money with their referral program.

Honestly I have never tried Bidvertiser as a publisher or advertiser which at the end of the day is what is most important.

I generally don’t take anyone else’s word as proof positive, and always like to test things, plus situations change, and bugs get ironed out. I have seen some negative feedback, which just encourages me to test it more.

Bidvertiser is a PPC service, and they also offer PPC for ebay items. Whilst this blog isn’t ideal for maximum earnings, the make money, internet marketing and blogging niche are in particular advertising blind, I am willing to give it a go.

One good point I have noticed is that Bidvertiser is authorised on a per blog basis. I doubt I would be allowed to run adverts on anything that wasn’t a quality blog.

Also with the growing trend of bloggers advertising on other blogs, it could still be quite reasonable income.

Bidvertiser have created their own WordPress plugin, though it is only suitable for those using Widgets.

Here is what I am going to do

This is going to be a continual review of Bidvertiser and after a month, if it is working out, I am going to include affiliate links on the page for the referral program.

During the trial period I am going to include Bidvertiser advertising on this site and see how much I generate with unobtrusive advertising in the sidebar area.
Yes I know that I could optimise CTR by using blending and including stuff with the content, and I do that on lots of site, but many bloggers don’t like that kind of advertising, including B5Media.

At the same time I am going to invest my earnings from Bidvertiser in advertising this Bidvertiser Review.

I charge $200 for a review currently, of which I receive $130
$65 of my earnings are already allocated to WordPress Plugin Developers as donations, so $65 will be my “grub stake” for advertising with Bidvertiser.

Reporting Results

I will periodically report results as best as I am able on this page for at least the next month. It might prove hard to confirm which traffic creates new subscribers.

If you want to know about ongoing results from this case study, I encourage you to subscribe if you haven’t done so already.

Results Using Bidvertiser

TBD – coming soon

Other Sites

I have a few sites I might adjust the monetisation on soon, maybe Bidvertiser is an option. I do like to vary my sources of income, and it might also be a good source of cheap traffic that isn’t being heavily exploited.
If clicks turn out to be cheap, maybe there is some suitability for Adsense Arbitrage.

I doubt the income will compare to that which is possible with affiliate programs, paid linking and private advertising deals, but this is almost set and forget, with some added control of who can advertise on your site, not always possible with Adsense.

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  1. says

    I have a very good experiences advertising my site with bidvertiser. It is a lot cheaper than advertising with Google AdWords. I did a while ago a little test between bidvertiser and google adwords, bidvertiser was a lot better than google. But you have to realize that I did not spend much money to that test, if I had spend more money maybe the results would be different. From here you can find my quick test post,

    • says

      TJantunen, You need to go into a lot more detail and it seems to me you might not have been targeting the adverts very well.

      If you have no experience with PPC then you would be well advised to do some research on landing pages etc

  2. says

    Andy you old inspirationalist ;)

    I just signed up and blogged on it a little. gonna test it out here and there and see how it goes.

    I’d imagine they have quite a few arbers already at it, as its one of those platforms that enable for a cheaper buy in on kw’s. I couldn’t seem to find a great deal of info regarding network coverage, publishers or size and I guess also its very much hit and mis dependant upon the niche though, still posts like this help spread awareness and takeup of course -

    • says

      Now you are making me regret not including affiliate links to start with ;)

      Anyone who is interested in signing up can go visit Robs writeup of Bidvertiser

      One thing I am not 100% sure about is the targeting. With Adsense you can get cheaper clicks listed higher if they convert better.

      Key to this is going to be landing page design as I won’t be sending traffic straight to a blog post.

      • says

        Haha! Nooooo don’t do that guys, just bookmark this page and wait for Andy’s aff links – Better still, Andy just go stick a footnote in your blogpost, delete this comment and the one above and Bob’s your uncle :D

  3. says

    ive used bidvertiser before as a publisher and advertiser, and wasn’t satisfied. I ran two advertising campaigns together, adwords and bidvertiser. Bidvertiser cost me more, and I got less visitors to my site…

    interested in what you think about them

  4. says

    Well Bidvertiser seems to be popular these days and you do appear on numerous sites and probable more now with side bar. However, I recently watch Bidvertiser take my money and eat it like candy with no return. I even tested them out and only used them for 3 days and $50.00 later they did not produce any sales or real visitors. I have looked at their stats when they send traffic to my site and you know what I saw. One hit wonders. Meaning someone clicked the link but then just closed the window that popped up my site. This continued day in and day out. After spending tons of money with them I found that my money went quick and no results were had. My advice is watch your stats and you will see the hits they give are not producing anything. I even asked for an explanation to this under support but they never answered back. I lost $50.00 in three days and my sales were almost non existant and nobody replied to my support ticket. So you can try them but if you want results you may find you get none.

    • says

      From what I have read, yes, though they seem to have a reputation for counting a fair number of clicks as bogus.

      Defending advertisers against click fraud is a good thing if it is done in a genuine way.

      I can’t tell you from first hand experience.

  5. joe says

    Bidvertiser seems good so far even though i watch carefully my reports. My website gets great impressions, we working on the clicks. But so far they reports are accurate in terms of showing the homepage usage.

  6. anonymous says


    I have been getting about 7 dollars per week using Google Ad Sense in a test website, but substituting the ads with the Bidvertiser’s ones I certainly get much less, about 15 cents per week, and so much less impressions than using Ad Sense ads.

    Do you know a way for tracking clicks and impressions for Bidvertiser.