What I am Reading

Chris over at Blog-op recently pinged me to ask what I am reading in the way of blogs these days.

That is a tough question, because I am trying hard to expand my reading habits to pop by the blogs of the readers I know about a little more.

One way of looking at my reading habits is to look at my MyBlogLog communities, which theoretically are displayed in some kind of order depending on which you visit most often, although I am not sure how far back the history goes.

MyBlogLog Favorites

Also I didn’t join such a huge number of communities because there currently isn’t a way to grab these in a usable form such as an OPML file.

Also a fair number of the blogs I visit have switched to Bumpzee only, and there are a number I visit that are Blogcatalog only, or can only be found in my feed reader or Technorati favorites.

I would say my primary haunts are:-

    No Nofollow Community on Bumpzee – I spend time there every day checking admissions and browsing a few blogs. I spend much less time in the other communities.
    Megite – to keep abreast of SEO / SEM news
    Techmeme – to keep up with Tech developments
    Blogcatalog – I spend time browsing around seeing the changes being made – OPML is now available so they could soon be an alternative to what I was planning to do with Technorati.
    PlugIM – they have just hit 1000 members
    Technorati – I have 800+ favorites and I click through frequently to those that link to me in more than just a list from a meme.

After you get past the first page of my MyBlogLog Communities, I don’t think the numbers are a fair representation of where I spend most time, and I would even question some on the first page.
Some of the feeds I read are of blogs I haven’t visited more than 10 times, and the autojoin feature of MyBlogLog has only recently been switched back on.
I was actually autojoined to Micro Persuasion today, yet I am sure I haven’t visited Steve 10 times, despite being in my feed reader, and I am sure I have only visited Winksite once, despite appearing high on my list.

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  1. says

    Thank you for the head’s up about the No Follow community. I just made the switch on my WordPress blog, and look forward to exposing myself to a variety of new blogs which are part of this growing movement.

  2. says

    Cool, another do follow community to join. I didn’t know about Bumpzee and so I just signed up, joined the community, and put the widget on my websites. Thanks for posting about this.

  3. says

    Thanks Andy, that was very interesting.

    I’ve just joined BumpZee on your recommendation, now I need to put some work into it….

  4. says

    I’m wondering how much time you and other bloggers devote to reading other blogs? I find myself reading on and on. I have to put limits on it. Any tips?

    So much great info here and also your StumblUpon post too.


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