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    Great post. I really do not pay attention to Digg all that much so I wonder what mine looks like…am on my way there now.

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    Another post by Andy Beard I had wished I had written ;)

    It’s true, I have tons of people to add, but you only get to add four at a time and then you have to wait 4-5 mins to add another, by that time I am distracted as always by something else.

    I will make it my goal to friend all the people who friend me, not only that but Digg them too.

    Thanks for giving my a kick up the arse in such a public manner, haha.

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    I Dugg your post, Andy, it’s excellent.

    Now I need to go back and add you as my friend.

    The thing is, I’m going to check and see if anyone has written a program to automatically befriend the people on Digg who have already befriended me.

    //engtech did that with his Technorati program, so I’m sure some already has (or soon will) create the same type of puppy for Digg, one that gets around that “adding friends too fast” error message that I’ve also encountered.

    Thanks Digg friend,

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    Calling me out in public! :-) I have been neglecting for a while now…I’ve been too busy with other things! Thanks to you I better get on it. I reciprocated all of my friend-adds, including you. Thanks for the wake-up call.

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    Hello! I’m a blogger from Spain. Your blog it’s very nice and really useful. I add you to my faves. Regards ;)

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      I won’t claim to be an expert on that. I know some very successful site on Digg that effectively submit their own stories once in a while, as an example I noticed Oatmeal submitted and SEOmoz story yesterday, and they sometimes do that for other sites.

      A more influential name as the submitter does probably attract more Diggs.

      If I had a really exclusive story (I have one in the process of editing), I would probably arrange for it to be submitted by someone with a little more credibility if it is good enough to be worthy of a wider audience.

      I am not a top Digg user, but my account is becoming more influential, and I know my account on Stumbleupon is becoming more influential as well.

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        I did notice about the traffic you can send from Stumbleupon. The only other user that send my way more than 100 visitors in one day was Mike Levin from Hittail.

        I guess I was asking because I am guilty of it. I do submit my own articles quiet frequently, not because they are news worthy but because I would like them to be indexed quicker. I probably should stop doing it, since it aggravates the so called top “diggers”.

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        If something is buried, it can still get Diggs, and will still appear on various lists of what people have Digged, but it won’t appear on any popular pages which is what drives the big traffic.

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    I have just registered with Digg. How to add friend? I like to read Dosh Dosh and would like to add Maki as my friend. How to go about doing that? thanks

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    D’oh! I had no idea – I’ve never considered Digg that social. I’m going through the process… I didn’t mean to be a bad friend :(

    Many thanks for pointing this out Andy. Sometimes you have to state the flipping obvious…

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      There are lots of social elements to Digg.

      It is not just potentially part of their strength of a particular account.

      The friends tab shows what friends have Dugg
      You can also see which stories friends have submitted and which they have commented on.

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    Hey Andy,

    I’ve added you to my friends list. Had I known about your post, I would have dugg it for you.

    Even though you receive a bury, you can still make it to popular or home page if enough vote for it afterwards, from what I’ve read. But I don’t know if that pertains to one that’s already made home page, it might not.

    Vlad, from what I’ve seen with Diggers posting their own blogs’ stories, it doesn’t appear to be frowned upon if you’re also posting more from other sites than you are your own. One main digger mentioned he submits about 90% from other sites.

    As for getting indexed with your diggs for your own posts, I *think* that it has to make home page. I read something once that indicated something to that effect.

    If you post too many of your own and they continually receive a bury, you’ll get banned as being a spammer. So it’s best to err on the side of caution.

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      I actually have read an opposite that it is enough 2-5 diggs in order to have your link found by Google. Google is crawling a lot of pages from Digg. Sure it would take much quicker if you hit the home page, but I have noticed a few times Google would pick up my posts within 24 hours from submitting them to Digg.

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    I guess I need to start working on the social networking. (But it’s so hard for an antisocial introvert like me.)

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    Hey, I’m in one of your screenshots above! Cool. Let’s be friends! I recently started reading your blog. I’m going to befriend you over at digg. Good article!

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    Thanks for this post – I know Digg is a valuable tool, but it’s so hard to know all the ways it can serve you. I’m definitely going to become a more active Digg user now.

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    Excellent article. Very informative. It’s a shame it got buried so quickly. Establishing friends is second in importance only to submitting quality content on digg.

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    Great write up Andy!

    I’ll definitely be using this. Maybe this is one of the reasons I’m not getting the traffic I’d like! ;-)

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    This is the best”How To Digg” article i have ever read. I havd Dugg now and then but this really opened my eyes as to how I can implement good Digg practices.

    Thank You

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    Andy, have you found that even if your story gets a lot of diggs if it’s mostly by people on your friends list that it doesn’t go popular as easy?

    I ask because if that’s the case, it may be better to NOT reciprocate as many friendships.

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      I have had it suggested to me (check on Bumpzee), that there are limits to how many friends you should make, but I doubt most people are anywhere near that.
      You also have to think of spheres of influence. Your 100 reciprocated friends are going to most likely be different to the 100 friends I reciprocate with.
      There will certainly be some overlap among the most active diggers, but I doubt Digg would have the ability to see who befriended you if you were not meant to also use it in some way.

      I don’t see many of the top Digg users avoiding reciprocating friends, and at the same time I can easily spot relationships where people have deliberately not reciprocated.

      That being said, apparently one active Digg users just got banned for digging too much, so maybe Digg are monitoring click-throughs and intervals between Diggs.

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    Nice article Andy!

    I’m not a huge Digg user but i try & Digg my peeps whenever they ask or i get a chance too*

    I’m still a little clueless as to How U actually get people to Digg yer Article – short of doing an Email Blast to yer Friendz asking them to???

    I came across U cuz yer featured on BlogCatalog which i like & i’m also a Big Fan of MyBlogLog which has delivered some much needed Viewers ie Traffic to my Blog – so i have to give them Full Props for that!! Also i’ve met some amazing people + seen some awesome Blogs that otherwise i’m sure i never would have found!!

    Cheers Andy!! Billy ;))


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    Forget about 10’s or 100’s of Frinedz on DIGG they stopped me dead in my tracks after adding 4 & Andy was gonna be #5!!

    yeah i did have 1 Friend to begin with ilkeryoldas! but thass more to my being in Love with his Natalia Icon!!


    U know it’s Funny i tried to spend a Few minutes of MY Time on Digg adding Friendz & after adding 4 who i recognize & then deciding to do the Search to add AndyBeard the author of the Blog article – I received a Warning from DIGG that i was adding Friendz TOO FAST!!

    Like SCREW that!!

    DIGG is no more a Social Network than fly*

    a waste of time maybe trying to Help yer Friendz out but not much else*


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      The “slow down” is actually a good thing because it at least partially prevents automation.

      As I said in the article

      I suppose at this point I should add a warning, you can only add a few friends at a time, and then go and make a coffee. That is one of the reasons it is worth keeping up-to-date.

      As to how this is used, once you have a few friends you will see multiple ways that Digg tells you about what your friends have dugg. You can see what they have commented on, submitted, and the friends tab can show you what all your friends have recently Dugg.

      That way when you go to Digg an article on someone’s blog, you can also spend a few minutes seeing what else your friends have found cool.

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    Billy, you make the front page when you have a kick ass, killer, double helping of mind melting content.

    It’s a mistake to think you can “trick” your way on. You may get a blip out of it, but you will soon get hammered and have the mark of Cain burnt on your forehead.

    Also, it’s really about getting on digg, it’s about using digg to get people to your article and then getting them to link to it. Unless you article is kick ass, killer, double helping of mind melting conent, it wont do much.

    You might think, “Oh sure, Lyndon’s cracked it, like we didn’t know that already”. But it’s not as simple as that, you have to take into account what makes people acually vote for your story and actually vote. It’s as difficult as an ad agency trying to figure out how to sell a packet of wash powder.

    If you can’t write, then I suggest you hire someone who can.


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