MyBlogLog Tagging Update

It appears that one of my fans believes that the whole blogging world revolves around my blog, and has thus tagged me for everything from Cameron Diaz and Lindsay Lohan to careers, poetry and religion.

MyBlogLog Tags

Now whilst I don’t mind being regarded as such an authority, it might be looked on as a slight weakness in the tagging system.

Then again, they didn’t label me as a Schmoe.

I noticed Andy Beal has now labelled himself as a Schmoe, here is a list of all the other SchMOes so far:-

Schmoe Mybloglog

That seems like a fairly influential bunch

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  1. says

    Thanks muchly for the link, Andy.

    I’m looking forward to see how cliques and other “tag games” effect things. I’ve alsogiven the system abit of a more in depth review looking at some potential abuses.