Letting Other People Write The LinkBait

A lot of the things I write go completely over the head of many of my readers, and in some ways that is actually a concious decision which certainly costs me a much higher readership.

I know that an article covering the importance of good anchor text or choosing a niche would help a lot of people, but I would much prefer to just link through to other people I respect who have written about the subject as well, or in many cases better than I would do myself.

I have discussed in the past that I don’t write speed linking articles, and for some reason, despite how many hundreds or even 1000s of bloggers use speedlinking in their titles, or even have whole categories for such roundup link posts, I still rank highly for the term in Google.

Scott Jangro seems to be going through a similar dilemma to what I go through on an almost daily basis – stick to your self defined niche, or respond to the signals given to you by your traffic stats.

Vanessa Fox has saved me a whole load of time testing out lots of ways to aggregate profiles on social networks.

Whilst Diggers tend to bury security warnings as spam, they are never-the-less extremely important, well unless you want Aaron to break into your WordPress account in under 5 minutes. Upgrade Now

If you have a couple of hours to spend on your education, John Reese really knows a lot about increasing your income online, so I can’t think of anyone better to interview Shoemoney. There is a lot to be learnt, think of what it would be like to eavesdrop on a conversation between 2 top earners at a bar during a large convention.

That blog post I think is a landmark for affiliate marketing in more ways than one, as John Reese included a disclosure at the bottom for the affiliate links.

Who knows, maybe he wrote it after coming back from lunch with Ted Murphy of PayPerPost.

It is true, in John’s email newsletters he always declares affiliate links, in fact he highlights them, often asks you to clear your cookies before clicking through, and offers massive bonuses for using his links, but this is something different, and because John is so influential in affiliate marketing, I think this might might cause a lots of changes.

I even grabbed a screenshot

John Reese Disclosure

As it is memorial Weekend in the US, here are some charity links.

First of all Mark at Bloglyne is raising money to fight premature birth, what is on offer is a great deal.

Secondly Stephen Pierce has set a goal to feed over 1,000,000 million children
within 72 HOURS. Lots of free useful stuff on the site even if you don’t make a donation

“When You Download This Free Success Report We Will Donate A Plate Of Food To A Starving Child On Your Behalf. It’s That Simple. No Strings Attached.”

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  1. says

    “A lot of the things I write go completely over the head of many of my readers, and in some ways that is actually a concious decision which certainly costs me a much higher readership.”

    Somehow this makes me feel stupid.

    • says

      Bob that is niche marketing, you target a specific audience.

      I could write an article today about dog training, even on this blog, and some people would be interested in it, but that isn’t my defined niche.

      In my case I target people who

      1. Want in depth coverage of topics
      2. Want to read someone who might have different opinions
      3. Possibly a more advance user

      I know I have a lot of people in my readership who totally disagree with many of the topics I write about, and yet I am still among their favorite blogs.
      I even link through to them quite often to share with my audience their differing views. In some ways that is something that makes Robert Scoble in my mind a better blogger than Michael Arrington on a lot of subjects.

      I know what I write is often more technical than many of my readers will currently understand, but they are free to ask questions, or do the smart thing and spend some time browsing related links, as there is often an explanation.

      Note I linked through to 2 people who actually know what they are talking about.

      If someone writes a newbies introduction to SEO and I don’t think they have the experience to back it up, it is not going to get a link from me.

      If they are a regular reader I might drop a comment, especially if they inked through to one of my articles, agreeing or disagreeing and giving reasons.

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    You know, although I see your point, as long as Google and the rest reward for links, links, links, and more links, you won’t see a movement to abandon the variety of trends and methods to get … you guess it… links.

  3. says

    Yeah, sometimes, I’m overwhelmed by your tutorials! I’m definitively not the techhie guy (and I don’t want to).

    I like to read your blog because it is different, and you actually express your opinion without fear of what people will say.

    This is blogging. Too many people try to please to everyone nowadays.

  4. says

    Speed linking has its place, but I am not sure that I am willing to devote as much time to this practice as I have in the past.

    I know some bloggers do this on a weekly basis, but I prefer to write original content and link out from there.