GreaseMonkey & Firefox – How To Send a Trackback With Blogger (Part 2)

Logging into Haloscan every time you want to send a trackback is time consuming, so if you use Firefox, and the Greasemonkey plugin, this might be your ideal answer.

Install Greasemonkey

Lots of people might have it already and I know 65% of my readers use Firefox. If you don’t have it already, it is extremely useful, and there are thousands of user scripts for it.

Install Blogger Trackback

After you have Greasemonkey installed, install the appropriate script – the developer says both can co-exist, but I haven’t tested that.

If you are using New Blogger, you can use this trackback script for greasemonkey.

If you are using old blogger, there is an older script available

Trackback In Blogger

I think the picture near enough says it all

Trackback within Blogger

Yes that is a box within the Blogger interface where you just add a trackback URL.

After you publish, you even get a nice confirmation that it was sent

Trackback Complete

The script also pops up a window for your Delicious details, and tags your posts.

Pingoat & Pingomatic

Yep, it is meant to work with Pingoat and Pingomatic as well, though when I tested with Pingoat following the instructions, I didn’t see any additional visual confirmation. I didn’t test Pingomatic.

I am not 100% sure this part worked for me, I need to do some more testing

Good But No Banana… yet!

It isn’t a perfect solution as is, because it is using the blog name for the link URL on the receiving end, rather than the blog post title.
It should be possible to hack the Greasemonkey script to use your post title, so that it uses the post title for links on the receiving end.

I will see what I can do to get a modified version made available

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  1. says

    Aha…so there is a way to get Blogger to send trackbacks. Thanks for the tip on this one Andy. I have the Greasemonkey script with blogger that allows you to post Technorati tags, but I never found this script for the trackbacks. Thanks!

  2. says

    poor me..i am deeply in love with opera :)

    i have been using opera since version 3, when it did’n even had tabs to switch windows :)

    neways..nice trick for those using firefo..and it seems that a lot of people are using it :)

  3. says

    The link on the receiving end is generated by your Trackback receiver. The script just sends the data out according to the Trackback spec, how the data is actually rendered is out of my control :)

    • says

      Conforming to a particular specification doesn’t worry me.

      If WordPress sends a pingback to another WordPress installation, the article title is in the hyperlink. That is a good link for SEO and to encourage a clickthrough.

      Thus it would be better to switch things around so that someone using Blogger isn’t at a disadvantage.

  4. says

    @gautam — this script should be translatable into Opera userscript if you want and know someone who can do it. I don’t know Opera, but I know it should be possible and is definitely allowed!

  5. says

    Well, hacking the script the break the spec shouldn’t be that hard if you want to look at it :) I’ve not tested how the data is rendered by different systems. I may even not be sending the data right anymore, but I was at once point. It was only ever tested with Haloscan though, so I’m not sure :)

  6. says

    This was your golden nugget Andy? :)

    No need to reinvent the wheel for revising the script. One only look inside the Scribefire code (editor.js) in your Firefox extensions directory.

    There are two functions (sendTrackbacks, trackbackCall) that handle the title, link and url — plus repeat tries. I am sure that they could be adapted for Greasemonkey.

    I was thinking about crafting a script that would only be visible inside of your admin blocks (like edit post icon) on the item page. Quick and dirty. But couldn’t come up with a good way to suppress multiple calls (cookies maybe?) Dunno. I am a little cramped for time right now to think about it.

    • says

      I think it might just be a case of changing some variables around in the original code.

      I am fairly backlogged as well currently, but will try to make it happen.

  7. says

    Lack of trackback ability is a major showstopper for Blogger platform. Perhaps it is intentional (it is too easy to launch splogs on Blogger), perhaps it is a design flaw.

    Still, great workaround!

    • says

      Splogging tools have been able to issue trackbacks for years, so I don’t think that is really a reason to provide bad functionality.

      It took Google a long time to come up with the current incarnation of Blogger

  8. says

    Blogger has been against the grain for a long time. Promoting Atom over RSS, and backlinks over trackbacks.

    In the case of backlinks, the reason is pretty obvious. They want it tied in with Search. The Atom thing, I don’t know what that is all about — and my Atom feed fails to validate over at Syndic8 anyway (go figure).

  9. says

    You have a trackback from my spanish blog, but I had to send it from haloscan…

    I think this method It’s not working for me, the box appears, I put the trackback URL there, but no pings are done…

    Are you using it actually?

    • says

      It certainly worked for me when I was doing the testing.

      For a WordPress blog I have slightly different trackback URLs, so that could sometimes cause problems.

      Most WordPress blogs don’t have html in their URLs, thus my trackback link for this post is.

      You also need to make sure you are using the correct script. There is one for old blogger, and one for new blogger,

      As proof that it works, I just sent a trackback from a test blog I have on blogspot. that I might use sometime. It worked perfectly, and the trackback notification appeared in seconds in my email account (as fast as I could tab and refresh)

  10. Tragy says

    Ok, i can see it works for you… I’m sure I have the correct script installed, as I can see the textbox where I have to put the trackback url to ping… But nothing happens when I click on Publish… I’ll try again, if you can see another trackback from my blog, it means it worked.. :)

    I’ll keep trying, thanks for all!

  11. Tragy says

    As I said on

    “I was fool… Since I’m not using, I was thinking that I had to click on cancel everytime I post, cause I don’t have any name to enter on the diagbox… Now I know that I have to click OK on all diags, and it works fine…

    Yeah, I look like a noob… :(

    Sorry for bothering you… And nice work with your code, it works 100% :)”

    It was a fault of mine… Nice explanation, and thanks for trying to help me!

  12. says

    You would point this out just after I moved from Blogger to self-hosting my blog with WordPress.

    But I can see it would be useful for those on Blogger, I’d certainly add it if I was still using their service.

  13. says

    Andy — How many variations are there on WordPress for TrackBack Uri’s? (or other blogging platforms).

    I am having a problem trying to find the actual Uri’s. Sometimes you can do a View Source to find them, but invariably it is not an easy task.

    Is there a way to auto-discover the TrackBack that you know of?

    • says

      Some WordPress users remove the autodiscovery so that automatic pingback doesn’t work.
      There are plugins than automatically make trackback harder by generating a trackback URL temporarily.

      Typically on WordPress however is that the trackback URL will be


      This is true even on this blog where the permalink ends with .html

      Typepad and MT I have always had problems because they generally have generated trackback URLs and no autodiscovery. I think the same is true of many of the more weird platforms.

      It seems to me people want to rely on Technorati far too much, and in Blogger’s case, Google Blogsearch for linkbacks.

      Blogs need to talk to each other, not just the Bloggers

  14. says

    That is what I kind of figured you might say to this regard.

    In essence, most blogging platforms have basically issued their own version of trackback nofollowing in order to cut down on spam. Or am I misreading that?

    Seems to me that trackbacking may be just as doomed to extinction as a nofollow link, if current trends prevail.

  15. says

    Hi Andy,
    Can you help?

    After our exchange of e-mails a couple of weeks ago I have now installed Greasemonkey and the widget for the New Blogger. The Trackback window appears but it doesn’t appear to me that anything happens when I paste in the URL for the trackback. I wrote a test post and put in the URL to your post (as shown above in the window) added /trackback to the end but as far as I can see nothing happened. Did you receive any notification of a trackback? Any help would be much appreciated. Vic

  16. says

    Dear Mr. Andy Beard,

    I’m still new to blogging and still learning to blog. Iread this wonderful post of yours. I too want to have trackback capability and download(ed) GreaseMonkey as you suggested. and I’ve just used it. I think it’s working because asked for my username.

    My question is, how do I know that the other side received my trackback post?

    Let say the other side want to trackback one of my post, how can they find my trackback url?

    That’s all, Mr. Andy Beard. I wish you all the best in your future undertaking. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Greetings and lot of loves from Malaysia.

  17. says

    1. If your domain isn’t on some kind of blacklist
    2. The trackback isn’t help for moderation

    It will show up below the post somewhere along with other trackbacks

    • says

      Thank you for your prompt answer, Mr. Andy Beard.

      My url is not blacklisted anywhere. Maybe I used a redirect address. My mistake.

      And I don’t use moderation for my comments.

      So far I don’t see any trackback url. Hopefully it will be there soon.

      Thank you again, Mr. Andy Beard.

      Greetings and lot of loves from Malaysia.

  18. says


    A lot of people (including me) have had the same problem using Blogger, the trackback widget doesn’t seem to work, unless we are all doing something wrong. If anybody has the solution it would be very nice to learn what it is, :-)

  19. says

    Yes Old Vic,

    I would really love to learn. FYI, trackback url is yet to be seen at the end of my post. Does it take that long to appear?

    I don’t know Old Vic. I followed this post every steps, from downloading GreaseMonkey till pop up window, how could I be wrong?

    (Borrowed your words) If anybody has the solution it would be very nice to learn what it is, ;-)

  20. says

    You send a trackback to other blogs, though remember blogger by default uses linkback that relies on your blog being indexed by Google Blog Search.

    If a blog is setup receive trackbacks, then you have to make sure you are using the right trackback URL – it is not normally the same as the post URL.

    It will appear immediately, or after it is moderated by a blog owner. I receive email notification for both trackbacks and pingbacks.

    • says

      Thank you, Mr. Andy Beard.

      I’m sorry Mr. Andy Beard, but I’m not as savvy as I would like to think of myself. I’ve to ask a few questions more;

      1. (I’m referring to Blogger now) Do you mean, “Links to this post” is the trackback url?

      2. Yes, I’m beginning to understand that trackback url is normally not the same as the post url.

      3. Do I have to moderate my comment? Right now, it’s open to anybody who wants to comment.

      That’s all for now, Mr. Andy Beard.

      Greetings and lotta loves from Malaysia.

  21. says

    On Blogger, links to this post is normally “link backs” which are based upon Google Blogsearch, and not trackback.

    If a blog uses linkbacks, trackbacks are not used, and you can’t send a trackback to them.

    If a blog uses trackbacks, it will say in some way “trackbacks” and provide a trackback URL to use.

    It is totally upo to you what you do with your comments as far as moderation. I think the best option on blogger is probably to enable the Captcha, but to not have moderated comments.

    • says

      Ooh, I see. I thought of using GreaseMonkey widget coz I want to have trackback capability.

      So, GreaseMonkey is for me to trackback other bloggers post (only), but they cannot trackback any of my posts, is that it?

      About comment, I love to receive comments, the bad the good and the ugly. That’s why it’s open to anybody – for now.

  22. says


    GreaseMonkey has been a great help to me. Unfortunately, Blogger tweaked something on April 18. Since then it has been of no use to me. :?( The trackback box is now 3x it’s normal size and covers most of the editing menu. What gives?



  1. …Trackback, Technorati, GreaseMonkey….. Enlaza…

    Lo primero que se me ocurrió es añadir la opción de Trackback a mi blog, que como bien se ve, está alojado en Blogger… Bien… Manos a la obra……

  2. test trackback…

    so habe mal greasemonkey installiert und dazu das passende user-script für blogger trackbacks, mal schauen ob die trackback funktionalität auch tut.Chefentwickler kehrt Thunderbird den Rücken – Golem…….

  3. […] I’ve just download(ed) a Greasemonkey’s plugin so that I have the capability to trackback a post. For now Blog*Spot don’t have trackback capabilities. The only closed thing they is by using backlink. I know Haloscan can do the works too. But logging into Haloscan every time you want to send a trackback is time consuming, so if you use Firefox, and the Greasemonkey plugin, this might be your ideal answer. Read these awesome post by Andy Beard on How To Send Trackback Using Blogger? […]

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