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I thought I would mix things up with a few interesting videos I have been watching

First of all a short video from SMX Seattle on various things regarding duplicate content and paid links. I am not sure if there is anything new, but it certainly emphasises how you should handle syndication of your content with links back to the original.

Delving back into my archives I have written fairly extensively about link attribution and links over time.
It had a few bumps but was never Dugg or stumbled, but still ranks first for terms like link attribution. Write quality timeless content from day one with your blog, you can always highlight it again at a later date when you have a larger audience, and at the same time reinforce it with new internal links with different keywords in the anchor text.

I should also note that I make sure I get links back to my original articles when they are syndicated on WebProNews (with permission), and with lots of links in feed items, I get links from sploggers daily too.
Thus whilst they are syndicating my content, those are some of the best links I get on a regular basis, because Google knows where it originated, and that it must be good content to also be syndicated on an authority site. Hmm they link to me, I link to them.

I should also note that I like their videos because they play so well on lower bandwidth connections (though mine should have finally been upgraded to something 20x faster over the weekend) – I am much more inclined to syndicate their content than anything on Youtube, Podtech etc, because I can watch it easily.

There is some good coverage at SEO Round Table, and I link to them because… well all kinds of reasons as listed before in my 32 Kinds of Blogging Payola and I am not ashamed to admit it.

Of note so far is the duplicate content summit, more with Matt Cutts, and the SEO Meets SMM/SMO session (though that was deliberately fairly basic)

Jason Calacanis Interview With Loïc Le Meur

This is actually very interesting and has some great tips halfway through about “how to game the hell out of bloggers who lie about everything such as Valleywag”.

That isn’t a specific quote, but Jason did make that abundantly clear. Jason actually comes across a lot more “reasonable” in this Podcast compared to his own, maybe because he was the one being questioned, and not asking the questions.

I do wish Loïc Le Meur had asked some tougher questions, but I gather from the interview that Jason put him up overnight before hand in the pool-house which used to be the Mahalo office for 3 months.

Loïc Le Meur is an investor or on the board of a lot of technology companies – I couldn’t find any direct financial connection but it certainly was a friendly conversation.

Credit where credit is due, I found out about this video on Bumpzee from a message by Bobosse.
You shouldn’t be worried about Bumpzee picking up your content snippets, because there is so much smart interlinking happening on Bumpzee, and so much link love being given back from all kinds of related pages that you honestly can’t lose.

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    Hi, thanks for your link & interest, glad you liked the video, I confirm I did not invest in Jason, he is a friend of mine, nothing more. Loic

  2. says

    I guess Mahalo is getting millions of visitors already, I just noticed few AdSense ads…. I don’t think I would disagree with the concept. I never knew who Jason was until literally few weeks ago and he comes across as a “know it all” kind of guy. Of well I wish him luck, let see what it will look like 5 years from now.

    Paid links. Would the link from a PRWeb press release be qualified as a paid link? I am just not getting where does the Google draw the line on paid links.