Yahoo Change Pricing – Quality Based

I haven’t used Yahoo for PPC much in the past, so I would love to know what difference this makes for those of you who use PPC extensively through Yahoo.

I suppose my reluctance to use Yahoo was 2 fold

  • I am like a dog, quite loyal to the person that feeds me – Google have Adsense, Yahoo for anyone outside the US have nothing to offer.
  • I am sure there are a million coupons for Yahoo Search, but in the old days whenever I searched, they all applied to US businesses only – do you give money to a company who treats you as a second class citizen of the world?

Anyway, for those that use them, have a read.

So do you think this will make a difference?
Are you scared to go to sleep tonight?
Did you switch off all your campaigns just in case there is a bug?

P.S. It is actually worth linking to the Yahoo Blog ;)

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  1. says

    Yahoo is trying desperately to get a technological edge over adCenter and AdWords.

    Bad try, I’d say.

    And just as you said, they treat non-US customers like a crap. Bad, bad of them.

  2. says

    I have never used PPC. It worries me. But what about Yahoo PPC would be interesting? Most of the traffic goes through google obviously, so you wouldnt be exposing yourself to a good number of possible visitors or leads.