ReviewMe & Sponsored Reviews Updated

Just a quickie…

I noticed that both Review Me and Sponsored Reviews have fixed their subscriber counts, and for those people using SEO For Firefox, you can see that that is now also reporting Bloglines subscribers correctly.

Listing on ReviewMe

This used to show just 2 stars for my subscribers (representing 52 subscribers in Bloglines), quite a significant difference as I currently have 129. It has taken quite a while to get this bug fixed.

ReviewMe Ranking

I suggest everyone using Review Me logs in and refreshes their statistics.

Listing on Sponsored Reviews
I have only just noticed the update, so maybe this one has been there for some time. The problem previously was the listed number of backlinks, which is based on Yahoo. The number of links reported has been changing a lot the last few months, and I believe Sponsored Reviews did an update at the low point when I had less than 10K links showing.
Though I have seen a high point of 40k+, even the current 30K+ is significantly better.

Sponsored Reviews

How you are rated on these pages is important from a landing page perspective, but also makes a huge difference where you appear within the search features on both services.
If you are charging a higher fee, it is important to be able to justify it on first impression, otherwise a potential advertiser isn’t going to look any closer.

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  1. says

    Is there a reason they use bloglines counts instead of Google Readers considering a lot more people use Google Reader?

    Is there a partnership with bloglines? Or are Google’s counts not really public despite feedburner having access to them?

  2. says

    There are not many parameters, so ReviewMe rankings totally sucks. If I want to buy a sponsored review, I watch Google PageRank, number of outgoing links, and a few other things like proportion between indexed pages and pages in supplemental index. And what do I have in ReviewMe? Sucky Technorati stats? Why they are using damned Technorati as a good case? They have to fix it, I think.

    • says

      Yeah, there is another one going around currently that asks people of their experiences with Dofollow but is obviously a manual cut and paste job.

      Maybe someone paid a monkey to comment on a list of dofollow blogs and to cut and paste a specific comment.

      Having taken part in the conversation on so many blogs, and being subscribed to comments, it is easy for me to spot, and ban them.

  3. says

    Andy, I am afraid banning doesn’t work for trolls/spammers that write from dynamic IP addresses. Maybe replaceing “Do follow for comments” to Top Commentators plugin might be a better option for you?

  4. says

    Ok Andy, let’s say you can add nicks of “spammers” to a blacklist, and they won’t ever get a link with rel=”follow” attribute. I’m gonna write another post about that issue on my personal blog, hope you will be interested in my opinion as well as finding out all SEO aspects of removing nofollow from comments on a blog. Right now I’m counting only SEO disadvantages, but let me chew over this topic ;-)

  5. says

    the most important things to check before paying is google cache to see what has gone with the site. inbound links to see if pr is real (don’t count on seomoz and such). outbound links i never buy if there are more than 35. many times you should check to see from where the traffic gets to the site, you can do that at or
    i think thats it…

  6. says

    I like the idea of having other people review blogs. But what if we encounter a troll or someone who abuses the system. I just signed for pay per post and this my first post so I’m kinda nervous. Your blog will help out people as they find out about this new trend with blogs. it was a very informative post.