1. says

    Hi Andy,

    I’ve designed one that I use at a couple of my sites. Hopefully, I managed to bring it into this comment properly, but I can’t always count on my abilities there. ;-)

    It’s pretty simple, I was just going for something a little fun.



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    I must admit I haven’t tested inserting images as a non-author yet. If you are happy for me to upload it to the community that is great.

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      Thats what my reaction was. Any thought about having this a web2.0 style or at least colors that are somewhat neutral?

  3. india public relations says

    we could tone down the colors a bit, i think. an anothernote, i’m still hovering betwenn making my site dofollow or keeping it nofollow. the last time i displayed such a badge, i got a couple of spams…

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      A smart blog owner is going to differentiate between comments made to take part in the conversation, and comments that are most likely only taking part to grab a link.

      When in doubt, I just delete the URL, especially when they use specific anchor text the first time they have commented on my blogs.