$25000 Prize Just For Creating Buzz

You simply must read this

There is a prize inside worth $25000 for the person who creates the most buzz about this new special report.

There are also 5 runners up prizes of $1000

I have the ebook open, I have just skim read it even though the ebook is all about “the Attention Age”

Yeah… think ADD, AD/HD Attention Span of a Gnat,
but it is all about business… and profit… for you

Read it… its free

But you can pay me $47 for it if you want

A review of the Attention Age will follow shortly… but don’t wait

Update: Having read the report cover to cover, it is my belief that the competition is something that anyone could potentially win. You don’t need to be an A-list blogger or have a massive mailing list. What you need to do is demonstrate your potential at creating buzz, probably using methods that are as efficient as possible
Another key will be documenting the methods you use, and the reasons you took specific actions.

Your creativity, and ability to create buzz efficiently is a key.
Think Viral… think Linkbait…

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  1. says

    It amazes me that promotions like this one made by the Strategic Profits guys (but many, many others) actually make money. I tend to avoid such advertisements when they’re all one longgggg page of hype. It’s like the late-night infomercials where the actors are desperately trying to have a “casual” conversation, but clearly it’s all rehearsed. I suppose the type of promotion they use is here to stay though. :)

    • says

      I do relate to that point of view.

      I also however relate to how much free quality information some of the top marketers provide that you won’t find on most blogs.

      You don’t have to buy to benefit from the material.

      Did you see Rich’s last videos or his Manifesto ebooks?


      You might enjoy the videos I have here that Rich released for free. In recommending people sign up to get Rich’s free material, I am mainly doing it to provide great information.

  2. says

    Don’t you think that bloggers should be less mindless and post on more meaningful things such as charity? America is in the toilet and you aren’t do your fair share to make it better. You are a journalist but not an activist. I would hate to be you.

    Consider making a difference and make your next blog entry on something worth caring about. How about suggesting to your readers your favorite charity. Maybe some of them will even contribute…


    • says

      James I do support charities, both in blog posts and donations.

      Take this post for example:-


      However, I write content that my 1300 subscribers signed up to read, and if I made a post about charity every day, I wouldn’t have time to write about what makes my blog unique.

      Then no one would subscribe to my blog, and no one would link to it, and that post for the charity link meme wouldn’t have propelled my favorite charity up to the top of Google search results for terms like “polish charity” or “neonatal hearing”

      That post didn’t create just one link to them, but 10s or even 100s

      I am nowhere near as mercenary on my blog as I could be, I have hardly any advertising.

    • says

      Lyndon you are not alone, though I am quite impressed that almost 100 people so far managed it as far as the email signup form.

      Unfortunately 80% of those were too distracted to enter an email address or maybe just curious.

      I still have to write a full review, but it is made more difficult because they decided for whatever reason to split this one into two halves.
      I expect the second half to have a lot more actionable items.

      The free material Rich provides is better than most paid, but I made sure I had an ebook in hand before any promotion. I could have started promotion 2 weeks ago but decided to wait, because this is slightly out of my specific niche.

      Then again, I do talk about finding ways to consume information that is more efficient, and using meme trackers such as Megite or Techmeme is a good way to find out about the most import news.

      Even glancing at Digg once in a while has some value ;)